iPhone 5 dual-core processor confirmed by iOS 4.3 coding

iPhone 5 to host same A5 processor as iPad 2

Mooted iPhone 5 to follow iPad 2 down dual-core route

Following the release of iOS 4.3 a number of eagle-eyed developers have spotted a section of code that appears to confirm the mooted iPhone 5 will stock the same ARM A5 dual-core processor as the iPad 2.

Mimicking in the footsteps of the recently announced second-generation iPad, the iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled in June or July thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor, with the A5 dual-core processor now a widely-expected inclusion.

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Having snapped and posted the apparently revealing section of code, iOS developer Filippo Bigarella went on to describe how the iPad 2’s A5 chip is referred to as item N94AP, a code reference that also pops up in relation to future iPhone handsets compatibility.

This latest iPhone 5 dual-core processor leak follows recent reports and speculation making the seemingly small leap to suggest the next-gen iPhone will sport the same processing power as the upcoming iPad 2, a specification that would see it challenging the current fleet of high-end smartphones. Other iPhone rumours have recently suggested the imminent handset release will see the device adopt a new metallic back with the antenna built into the rear-mounted Apple logo.

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Via: TechRadar