HTC Flyer now available for preorder

Priced from £480 for release on 1 June

Another tablet arrives to take on the might of Apple. But have HTC overpriced the HTC Flyer?

HTC's Flyer 7 inch tablet range is now available for pre order, with the wifi only 16GB version priced at £480 and the wifi and 3G 32GB model available for £580. Both have a release date of 1 June.

The premium price points will surprise many who have been touting the Taiwanese company's first tablet venture as a possible rival to Apples' mighty iPad.

One of the major selling points to the Flyer is the much touted 'magic pen', allowing users to scribble notes, sketch on the screen, and mark up web pages. However, in a surprising move by HTC it was announced last week that this will be released as an additional accessory, with a wallet busting price tag of £47.99 in addition to the cost of the tablet.

The Flyer will also be released with Android Gingerbread OS, making it already look slightly dated to the new and soon to be arriving Honeycomb devices hitting the market. No doubt HTC will be looking to update this in the future.

At £480 for a 16GB wifi only device, plus the price of the stylus, the HTC Flyer looks a tad expensive, with potential customers able to pick up the 32GB wifi version of the iPad 2 for equivalent money, featuring a 10 inch screen as against the Flyer's 7inch.

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Via: TechWatch