HP to kill off Palm Pre Plus for tablets?

Web OS boldly going...onto tablet PCs

Palm owners HP hint that Web OS future lies in tablets, not phones

Bad news for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus owners as new Palm owners HP hint that the future is in tablets, not phones.

HP CEO Mark Hurd said that: “We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business.”

HP recently canned a tablet project with Microsoft – first touted by Steve Ballmer at CES2010 - in favour of a Web-OS flavoured version. The 3G tablet was originally set to run Windows 7, include an Intel Atom processor and have internal storage over 16GB.

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Speaking at a Merrill Lynch symposium Hurd continued: “The WebOS is one of the two ground-up pieces of software that is built as a web operating environment... We have tens of millions of HP small form factor web-connected devices...

"Now imagine that being a web-connected environment where now you can get a common look and feel and a common set of services laid against that environment.”

HP acquired Palm earlier this year, handing over a cool $1.2 billion to take over the ailing mobile maker.