Half-Life 3 concept art shows new direction from Valve?

Unconfirmed artwork claiming to be from Valve found

Despite being from an anonymous source,Valve Time, a dedicated Half-Life community site, believes these images show the direction of Half-Life 3

Images have emerged from an anonymous source claiming them to be official Half-Life 3 concept images, shedding more mystery around the much-anticipated third title in one of gamings most respected series.

Valve has so far refused to comment on the images as being real or not but what they do show is a landscape that was mentioned in the last game, Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

There are also some character shots showing Alyx sporting a slightly reworked hairdo along with a jacket bearing the name of her father Eli who helped Gordon in the previous Half-Life games.

With the last full Half-Life game being released in 2004 the pressure has been on by fans for Valve to continue on from a game that was voted one of the most influential games of all time by The Guinness Book of Records.

While initial rumours had suggested that Half-Life 3 would be installed in segments there have now been suggestions that Valve could be holding off for next-generation consoles such as the Xbox 720.

Source + Image Credit: Valve Time