Guillermo Del Toro in talks with THQ to make games?

Pan's Labyrinth director to swap camera for games console

THQ hoping for a little of that Del Toro movie magic

THQ could be on the brink of a major coup with the LA Times reporting that the American games developer is in discussions with director Guillermo Del Toro to bring his dark, creative visions to life in the console world.

It is believed that THQ's executive vice president Danny Bilson who has previously worked in the film industry is the one leading the charm offensive to get Del Toro on board.

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The Hellboy director had recently told MTV of his love for video games and that he was hoping to announce "a big deal with a big company" to produce "games that are going to be technically and narratively very interesting."

A deal could be just weeks from away from becoming reality, but THQ has so far declined to comment on the rumours.

Link: (Via LA Times)