Graphene faster than fibre optic?

Potentially tens of times faster than current internet speeds

Scientists have developed a way to potentially increase internet speeds tens of times faster than even fibre optic thanks to the miracle that is graphene.

Scientists have managed to create a composite using graphene and plasmonic nanostructures which then makes it capable of capturing light and converting it into electricity tens or even hundreds of times faster than current materials.

Essentially what this means is that the material, once perfected could easily be used in optoelectronics (the internet market). Graphene is already considered a bit of a miracle substance, only one atom thick it's the thinnest material in the world and yet has properties that make it 100 times stronger than steel.

Its uses have already been explored in other areas, however it's only now that British scientists were able to combine it with other substances to make it as effecient at collecting the light as it was at converting that light into electricity. A huge discovery it poses big questions for what we could be seeing in the future in terms of technology and the way the internet works.

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Source: Reuters