Google to open Android tablet store?

Plans afoot to challenge iPad by directly selling selling Samsung and ASUS tablets

Google will open an online store to sell Android tablets directly to customers in a bit to challenge the iPad and the Kindle Fire, says the Wall Street Journal

Google plans to exorcise the ghosts of the Google Nexus One by opening an online store to sell Android tablets.

The Wall Street Journal reckons that Google will sell slates from existing manufacturers, such as ASUS, Samsung and other Android purveyors, which would surely include Motorola, once the company officially comes under the Google banner.

According to people familiar with the matter, the online shop will provide direct opposition to the Apple Store and, which have been used to great effect to shift the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

The report says Google is aware that, despite blockbusting sales of Android smartphones, it has really struggled to gain the same traction in the tablet market.

However, Google will still bear scars from the ill-fated Google Nexus One experinment, the first Android 2.0 phone, which Google chose to sell through its online portal. The HTC-build device suffered from a host of early problems and Google did not have the infrastructure required to deal with them efficiently.

None of the parties involved commented on the Wall Street Journal story.

Via: WSJ