Google proclaims Bing 'cheap imitation' of own service

Google attacks Microsoft search after 'Bing Sting'

'Bing Sting' outs discrepancies in Microsoft service

Search behemoth Google has branded Microsoft’s rival Bing an “incomplete, stale version – a cheap imitation” of its own service following a cross-platform investigation dubbed ‘Bing Sting’.

The sharp tongued Google comments follow the Bing Sting in which Google created 100 nonsensical searches such as ‘hiybbprgag’ for its online service each of which would return one individual fixed result. The Android OS creator then ran the same queries through Bing finding the exact same single response search result, sparking claims of algorithm plagiarism and general copycat tactics.

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Whilst Google has described the Bing discrepancies as “plain and simply cheating,” Microsoft has struck back attempting to quash suggestions of foul play accusing the big G of “spy-novelesque stunts”.

Vice President of Bing, Harry Shum has spoken out on Google’s claims announcing: "We do not copy Google's search results. We use multiple signals and approaches in ranking search results." He added: "Opt-in programs like the toolbar help us with clickstream data, one of many input signals we and other search engines use to help rank sites."

Expanding on his distaste for Google’s attempted besmirching of the Bing system Shum said: "It was a creative tactic by a competitor, and we'll take it as a back-handed compliment."

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Via: BBC