First Xbox One and Sony PS4 reviews appear in GQ Magazine

First reviews published, guess who wins...

The Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One aren't even out yet with their official release date set for late November, but that hasn't stopped GQ from reviewing both

The first Xbox One review and Sony PS4 review has appeared courtesy of GQ magazine as the publication appears to have reviewed both in their 'The Lab' section giving both products a star rating.

Both the Xbox One and the PS4 aren't actually available yet with the next-gen consoles getting a UK release date of late November, despite this GQ has gone ahead and given their verdict on the two consoles.

Of course the first thing you'll be wondering is which console got the higher score, and in GQ's opinion the Xbox One is the best console of the two getting 8/10 with the magazine praising the console's 'cloud processing' and the fact that it's a 'complete media device'.

The PS4 still performed well scoring 7/10 with it's 'stylish' looks and 'low cost' being both serious plus points, GQ criticised the fact that the PS4 will suffer from a lack of 'killer games' on launch.

Considering both reviews are pretty brief we'd probably say hold out for the raft of more in-depth reviews before making your mind up but it's an interesting first win for Microsoft who, up until now, has been suffering from a series of PR setbacks surrounding DRM and the fact the console is slightly more expensive than the PS4.