FIFA 13 release to see EA incorporate Move compatibility

EA Sports confirm PlayStation Move features for FIFA 12

EA Sports to make FIFA 13 compatibly with Sony's motion gaming peripheral PlayStation Move, the company's VP has confirmed as this year's FIFA 12 release hit stores across the UK

Following today’s FIFA 12 release date developer EA Sports has confirmed that is plans to make next year’s FIFA 13 release compatible with Sony’s PlayStation Move peripheral insisting the result will be more than a simple gimmick.

Discussing the decision with the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine, EA Sports’ Executive Producer David Rutter revealed the motion gaming plans reassuring users it would not detract the company for bettering the much loved football franchise.

"It's about trying to make it part of the game in a good way, rather than have it as a clichéd marketing gimmick,” Rutter declared.

His remarks were backed up by EA Sport’s Senior VP Andrew Wilson who said: "The core focus for us is still on 11-versus-11, twitch-based gameplay. That's where we're investing heavily."

FIFA 12 Price

As FIFA 12 goes on sale a number of retailers have started dropping the price of the eagerly awaited title. Whilst retailer HMV has revealed it will sell FIFA 12 for just £1.99 to anyone willing to trade in a copy of the recently launch F1 2011, Amazon has stared selling the title for just £25.

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Via: CVG