Deltenna WiBE lands to give broadband to rural areas

Deltenna WiBE can be yours for over £400 a piece

Rural broadband has never been so talked about before

T3 had heard of Deltenna WiBE back in June 2010, when we reported it would bring 2Mbps browsing to rural areas.

A UK start-up company that manufactures wireless networking kits, it has finally finished the first production run of the WiBE - the Wireless Broadband Enabler mobile broadband booster device.

The WiBE is aimed at those households with poor or no 3G signal. According to the company, the WiBE has been tested and shown provide 3G signal which is 30 times better than a broadband dongle. This would be useful to rural areas where reception isn't that great. Testing has shown a download speed of 2.8Mbps in rural areas.

The WiBE even won the UKTI 'Best of British Mobile Technology' competition in October 2010.

To get this award-winning device, shell out around £425. Really.

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Via: ISPReview