Dell unveils Inspiron Duo the hybrid tablet come netbook

Dell tablet device with swivel screen becomes netbook

Dell hybrid device gets in a spin

Dell has unveiled a hybrid device that could reinvigorate the netbook market and compete with the rise of tablet devices as the Inspiron Duo 10-inch is demonstrated during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco yesterday.

Running Windows 7 Premium, the Inspiron Duo features a dual-core Atom processor and, unlike anything else shown this year, a rotating 10-inch screen that allows the device to function as a touchscreen tablet or a slimline netbook PC when opened with the inbuilt keyboard.

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Swiveling within the frame the revelation that Dell’s apparent tablet screen could transform into a fully functional and productivity boosting netbook was met with audible gasps from the IDF audience as can be seen in the video below.
Still far from ready for release Dell conceded that the Duo’s hinges and frame posed a challenging manufacturing issue that would take time to perfect.

Talking at the unveiling of the Inspiron Duo, David Zavelson of Dell’s UltraMobile Devices division proclaimed: "Tablets are great for entertainment, but they aren't conducive to productivity, so for that they are missing one key feature; a keyboard." On Dell’s attempt at fixing this issue, Zavelson went on to add: “It's great for providing the productivity that you need to have, as well as allowing you to kick back, relax and enjoy entertainment on your own terms."

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