Dell hints at smart watch

Company admits it is looking into wearable computers

Dell has hinted that it may launch a wearable computer to compete with the iWatch and Google Glass.

Speaking with the Guardian, Dell’s vice president of personal computing Sam Burd admited that the company is considering such a product.

“We are exploring that space,” he told the paper. "There are challenges in cost, and how to make it a really good experience. But the piece that’s interesting is that computers are getting smaller.

“Having a watch on your wrist - that’s pretty interesting, pretty appealing.”

Dell has suffered in recent years as the traditional computer market has continued to shrink.

Research company IDC has forecasted that global sales of desktop and laptop comptuers will fall by nearly 8 per cent this year compared to 2012.

That would mean a second year of falling sales – something that is of deep concern to companies like Dell.

The company has so far failed to make inroads into growth markets like tablets and smartphones. Its most recent entry, the XPS 10 tablet saw its price cut by $200 (£133.50) to $299 (£199) after just seven months on sale.

However, the company sees opportunities as the market continues to evolve.

“Looking ahead five years, we expect devices and form factors to continue to change,” he says. "There will still be a need for ‘static’ computing on desktops, but there will be a real need for mobile devices.

“There’s a lot of discussion about how that fits into wearable devices like we’ve seen with Google Glass and watches,” he added. “We’re looking at a world of lots of connected devices.”