Channel 4 planning 4OD for PS3

On-demand service primed for Sony's home hub

Discussions ongoing between Channel 4 and Sony regarding VOD service.

Channel 4 and Sony are in discussions to bring 4OD to the PS3. The talks are said to be in the early stages, but if the deal comes off it’ll make the service the first commercial on-demand package on Sony’s console here in Blighty.

A source inside Channel 4 said, “"We're looking to launch on the PS3. 4oD is becoming a platform agnostic product and will be successful because of the quality of the content."

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Such a move would see 4OD sit side by side with BBC iPlayer on the PS3, while Microsoft can only look on and boats its pricey Sky Player offering on the Xbox 360. The Big M is keen to brand VOD on the console itself, leaving the BBC and Channel 4 cold.

There’s no word on when 4OD will rock up on the PS3, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest news.

Via TechRadar