BlackBerry Colt to be first BBX smartphone

Reports suggest early 2012 release with thin all-touchscreen form-factor

With BlackBerry having a fairly 'up and down' time lately it needs all the good news it can get, especially after revealing it'd have to push back PlayBook OS 2.0 to 2012

Reports from tech news website GSM Arena suggest that the first smartphone to feature BlackBerry's BBX OS will be the as yet unconfirmed BlackBerry Colt.

Reported to have a similar design to the Torch the BlackBerry Colt will feature an all-touchscreen display alongside being thinner than the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Inside it's rumoured to have a dual-core processor, no word on actual size though, and there have also been reports of a much higher resolution screen which if turn out to be true, will only enhance the Liquid Graphics which BlackBerry uses to improve the UI.

It certainly all fits in with the news from BlackBerry that they would be shipping their first QNX or BBX phone in early 2012, which would then coincide nicely with the arrival of the BlackBerry Colt.

Will the BlackBerry Colt be the saviour of BlackBerry or is it too little too late? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: GSM Arena