The very best Roku deals for April 2017

Bringing you the best Roku deals we can find

Roku can transform your old TV into a 'smart TV'. With over 2,000 channels, and growing, you'll never miss your favourites shows, games, bands or videos again. Roku allows you to steam entertainment from top channels, such as, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV, YouTube and BBC Sports. 

There are no subscription costs or hidden charges. Depending on what you watch there maybe a fee, as some channels charge a subscription or allow you to simply rent or buy. But there are also hundreds of channels that are free to enjoy, leaving you in control of what you want to pay for and what you don't.

There are three different product versions, and in order of premium to basic these are, Roku 3, Roku 2 and the Streaming Stick.   

We have the best deals for Black Friday, so if you were planning on giving your  TV a makeover check out the deals below. We will be updating these everyday, twice a day. 

roku 3 deals

 Best Roku 3 deals

The benefits of choosing a Roku 3 is its point anywhere remote, which includes a headphone jack for private listening and its motion control for games. It also houses a fast HD optimised processor, unlike the Streaming Stick, making usage simple and responsive. 

Best Roku 2 deals

roku 2 deals

Roku 2 is the middle product in the range. It is an improvement from the Streaming Stick, as it houses the fast HD optimised processor. But it's not quite the Roku 3, hence being slightly cheaper, and lacks the point anywhere remote, headphone jack slot and motion control for games. It still offers the same 2,000 channels and 100,000 movies and TV episodes as the other products. 

Roku streaming stick deals

Best Roku Streaming Stick deals

By choosing the entry level Streaming Stick you save money but you also loose some functionality. You say goodbye to the fast HD optimised processor, Ethernet, USB and microSD card slot, the headphone jack slot and motion control for games. 

However, for £29.99 you get access to over 2,000 steaming channels and 100,000 movies and TV episodes. A lot of their channels are what's trending right now, including Amazon Instant Video, giving you content you actually want to see.