BBC 'malware' app raises smartphone security fears

Aunty creates app which steals the data from smartphones

Beeb hides malicious software within innocuous gaming app.

The BBC has moved to raise awareness about smartphone security by creating an app riddled with malware, which locks onto the phone's location and steals that passwords of whoever downloads it.

The app, which was never launched or released to the public, highlights the dangers of downloading applications from unknown developers who'll be using tools like the simple Android App Creator when it's rolled out later this year.

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The Beeb teamed up with Veracode Security boss Chris Wysopal, who hid the malware in a "crude game" to show just how easy it could be to entice downloaders into the trap and tap into their line of credit.

He said: "In the PC domain the only way a criminal can generally take money from a user is by having them click on a web link, go to a website, purchase a product and enter their credit card details. In a mobile network the device is intrinsically linked to a payment plan, to a user's credit. "Nothing happens on a mobile network, no call is made or text is sent, without money changing hands."

Apple and Google have both removed apps suspected of containing malware in recent weeks.

Link: BBC