Apple unveils iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad today at WWDC

iOS 6 has over 200 new features

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Apple's iOS 6 comes with improved Siri including Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes integration, oh and there's the small matter of Maps and more

While there was no sign of the iPhone 5 Apple has today launched iOS 6 at WWDC in San Francisco boasting over 200 new features including a replacement for Google Maps titled simply Apple Maps and will feature live traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation and more.

Elsewhere Siri has also seen a boost with sports updates and a software update that will see it recognise more variations on questions and requests.

Apple iOS 6 Siri update:

iOS 6 sees Siri get a serious update with new features letting it give you live sporting updates on all the major American sports including baseball and American Football, there's no word as yet on whether the service will include other sports from around the globe.

There's also a heavy focus on app integration with the iOS 6 Siri. Rotten Tomatoes now lets you ask about where to see a film, what rating a film has and lets you watch trailers all within the Siri application.

Yelp integration with Siri also means you can search for local restaurants get live reviews, post them yourself or share your results with other friends thanks to social media integration on the iPhone 4S and iPad that now stretches beyond Twitter to Facebook as well.

Apple iOS 6 Maps:

Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad is the big announcement here with Apple officially replacing Google Maps as their official mapping service. Long rumoured the new Maps app has been built from the ground up and features over 100 million business listings as well as crowd-sourced live traffic updates.

Elsewhere there's the new inclusion of turn-by-turn navigation something which has been missing from the iPhone ever since Google placed the feature on Android phones with Google Navigation.

3D makes its debut on Maps as well with Apple's Maps app letting you view full cities in 3D with buildings created in high-resolution making it perfect for using on foot or indeed if you need to get your bearings when driving.

Apple iOS 6 Siri on iPad:

Apple has finally brought Siri to the New iPad letting you use all the features that have been currently found only on the Apple iPhone 4S. That means full voice dictation as well as now being able to open apps, use Maps and more.

Apple iOS 6 Facebook integration:

There's now full Facebook integration on iOS 6 with the social media service now deeply embedded in the day-to-day applications that are available on iOS 6.

The App Store has now received a social update which means you can 'like' apps directly from the App Store or share apps that you've found or bought straight to Facebook.

Contact and Calendar syncing is now included which will give users another way of connecting their iPhone or iPad to an online account however with Facebook you'll have live contact updating including images and contact details.

Apple iOS 6 new features:

Other new features include a new way of answering your iPhone which gives you the option of sending set replies if you're in a meeting or are busy. Elsewhere there's a new 'Do Not Disturb' feature which can be completely customised to block our notifications of any kind for use when you're asleep or simply want some peace and quiet.

Apple iOS 6 Facetime 3G:

Apple has finally brought FaceTime to 3G networks with video-calling now possible between iPhones, iPads and the new MacBook Pro regardless of whether they're connected to WiFi or 3G.

Apple iOS 6 Safari:

Safari has been given an update with the iPhone internet browsing app letting you sync your pages over iCloud with your MacBook Pro or any Mac OS X Mountain Lion computer.

There's also offline reading lists for iPhone and iPad which will give you the option of downloading pages into an offline cache for reading when you've gone out of signal range.

Apple iOS 6 Release Date:

At the moment it's only in beta which means that developers will be allowed to get hands-on with iOS 6 however Apple has said that the full release will be coming in the Fall.

Of course this will no doubt raise questions as to whether this is timed to coincide with the arrival of the iPhone 5, the long-awaited response from Apple after Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you're wondering which devices will be able to get iOS 6 the specs requirements mean that the iPhone 3GS and above will be eligable whilst the iPad 2 and New iPad will both be getting iOS 6, finally only the 4th Generation iPod Touch will be getting the new iOS update.