Apple TV gaming coming with iOS 4.3?

Evidence points to online gaming smarts for set-top box

Is Apple about to take on Xbox Live and OnLive at their own game?

iOS 4.3 was supposed to only add hotspot skills to the iPhone and bring app subscriptions up-to-date for new newly-launched Daily. Handy, but not life-changing. But now new evidence suggests the next iOS update could bring something truly killer to the party: online gaming for Apple TV.

Hardcore Apple fans have been trawling iOS 4.3’s code and have turfed up references at ATVGames and ATVThunder, the latter believed to refer to a dedicated controller. The tipster who’s found the info says there’ll be leaderboards and game scheduling too. Essentially, we’re looking at Game Center on Apple TV.

The idea is said to be similar to OnLive, the cloud gaming service which has taken all before it in the States since its launch last summer. The move makes perfect sense for Apple seeing as it’s stitched up mobile gaming with the App Store and could offer a similar experience on its set top box.

All will be revealed soon, with iOS 4.3 rumoured for release on Monday 14 February. Is Apple getting into gaming a smart move? Or will it struggle to beat the big boys? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Engadget