Apple testing designs for rumoured iTV?

Collaborating with Sharp on possible TV designs

Apple is apparently collaborating with Foxconn and Japanese technology company Sharp to test out designs for a possible Apple TV

The much-rumoured Apple iTV is apparently moving slowly towards becoming an actual product. New reports indicate that Foxconn and Sharp are working together over in Asia to come up with designs for the Californian company.

According to some anonymous inside sources, picked up by the Wall Street Journal, Apple has a few designs in the pipeline and is collaborating with Sharp on finding the right one.

"It isn't a formal product yet. It is still in the early stages of testing," one of the sources told the WSJ.

Speculation has been rife for some time that Apple has plans to move into the living room and CEO Tim Cook confirmed to NBC news last week that the television market is an "area of intense interest."

If Apple did jump into producing a TV all of its very own, the repercussions on the likes of Samsung, Sony and Panasonic would be interesting to say the least. Next year's CES trade show will likely see the big guns showing off some new TV tech - such as Samsung's 84-inch 4K TV, but an Apple iTV is something we'd all like to see.

Source: WSJ