Netflix to add blockbuster Brad Pitt thriller next week – high octane fun

Off the rails in the best way

Bullet Train
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One of the most fun action movies you'll see is coming to Netflix. Brad Pitt stars in Bullet Train which hits the platform on May 3rd. 

I'm working on a theory, all of the best action movies are set on trains. Hear me out. Source Code is one of my favourite movies in the genre, and it's set almost entirely on a (simulation) of a train. Similarly Train to Busan, a zombie movie again set pretty much all on rails. The third instalment in the train trilogy is set to hit Netflix next week. 

Bullet Train is a stylish thriller starring the effortlessly charming Brad Pitt as Ladybug, an assassin on an unfortunate streak of bad luck. On board the train from Tokyo he's tasked with recovering a briefcase full of cash. Simple right? Sure, if pretty much every other passenger wasn't also a trained killer. 

The rival assassins are a who's who of Hollywood stars (and so are some of the passengers), including the man who many believe could be the next James Bond. Aaron Taylor Johnson plays one half of an unlikely set of twins, Lemon and Tangerine who in all honesty should get their own movie. 

Like all the best action movies Bullet Train manages to strike a balance between relentless action and cheeky one-liners, and the confines of its setting only help to make it more intense. Ladybug really can't catch a break on this particular mission but it's stylish, slick and oh-so fun for us watching. Critics don't necessarily agree with me, with the movie only boasting 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, but then critics don't know how to have fun anyway. 

Aside from my train theory, there are plenty of other great action movies on the streaming service worth checking out. One of my favourites is another single-location thriller. Free Fire has a sense of fun and style that reminds me a bit of Bullet Train

Andy Sansom
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