Apple MacBook Air-compatible Adobe Flash in the works

Adobe CEO announces Flash for Mac is on its way

Adobe versus Apple: The battle lightens

The Adobe, Apple feud looks set to reach some sort of resolution shortly after Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen announced the company was working on a MacBook Air compatible version of Flash.

When the latest rendition of the Apple MacBook Air hit shelves last month, early adopters were surprised to find the ultra thin laptop was lacking the video rendering software. Further shocks were in store for new MacAir users when it emerged that adding Flash to the highly desirable gadget cut up to two hours from its battery life.

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Speaking to an audience at the San Francisco-based Web 2.0 conference, Narayen stated that a Mac compatible version of Flash was on its way with beta testing already underway. The tumultuous relationship between Adobe and Apple is one that has been well publicised and repeatedly criticised by end users, many of whom resent the lack of Flash on iOS running iPhone and iPad devices.

Not one to rectify all issues with the Cupertino company, Narayen reported went on to add that the issues faced in the past with Flash compatibility are all down Apple and the prevention of early access to hardware acceleration.

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Via: Macnn