Apple iPhone app Paper Toss goes HD for Apple iPad

Will new price damage Paper Toss for iPad success?

Paper Toss for iPad shoots and misses thanks to new pricing

More than 21 million people have reportedly downloaded the highly addictive iPhone game Paper Toss since its released in June of last year, and now, owners of the new Apple iPad have the opportunity to do the same only in shiny HD goodness.

The game, based on a famous Flash model, requires the player to flick wadded up balls of paper into a bin whilst battling against pesky interventions from obstacles such as fans.

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Whilst much of the initial popularity of the Paper Toss for iPhone game came from its non-existent price tag, before gripping users with its sheer addictiveness and ability to turn friends and colleagues in to the bitterest of rivals, the new HD version for the iPad will have to rely solely upon past success and prior popularity having lost its initial charm to a £1.79 sale price.

Essentially, the two versions are the same game, only differing in the iPad edition’s utilisation of the larger, HD screen and the addition of a single extra level, located within a pub.

The hugely popular iPhone version of Paper Toss, which will remain free to download, is one of only two free apps to remain in the top five of Apple’s app store sales chart for seven or more days alongside the Facebook app.