Angry Birds tops 200 million all platform downloads

Mega app surpasses 200 million download milestone

Angry Birds developer Rovio announces impressive new landmark

Angry Birds, the bird flinging app sensation, has surpassed the 200 million download milestone, the game’s developer Rovio has announced.

Combining cross platform downloads of the original Angry Birds release, Angry Birds Seasons and the recently released movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio, Rovio has revealed the ever growing and world dominating app franchise has now topped the 200 million adoption mark.

Originally landing on the iPhone, Angry Birds’ intense global popularity saw the game quickly make the fluttery leap to Google’s Android OS before expanding across most major mobile operating systems, the iPad, Apple’s Mac App store, games consoles and Google’s new Chrome store. The original Angry Birds game is set to hit Windows Phone 7 handsets next month on June 29th.

Despite topping the 200 million download mark Rovio is far from done with the lucrative Angry Birds brand having stating it is “busy a social game around Angry Birds, expanding to new areas of entertainment business, and preparing for more growth throughout 2011."

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Via: CVG