Angry Birds for Nokia with Mighty Eagle mode

Wipe out all in sight on your Symbian

Rovio's hit brings the king of Angry Birds to Nokia

Mobile gaming phenomenon Angry Birds is migrating to Symbian for the winter with the new Nokia version of the app featuring a Mighty Eagle that can clear the screen of those pesky pigs.

Angry Birds for Symbian will be available when the Nokia N8 launches later this month and will enable gamers to purchase the Mighty Eagle in-game when levels get a little too tough.

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It works much like the WMD or Armageddon mode in military strategy games, in that it destroys the entire landscape with one fell swoop.

Employing the Eagle turns your regular bird bullet into a sardine, which prompts the Mighty Eagle to swoop down to feed and take out everything in its path, allowing you to complete the level.

There'll be no three-stars for these 'cheats' however, so you will have to advance the conventional way eventually. We're also unsure how much the Mighty Eagle will cost.

Angry Birds was an unprecedented success on the iPhone, and the beta version for Android was also launched last week. A version for Palm WebOS is also incoming.

Check out this cute little cartoon preview of the new iteration of Angry Birds.

Link: Rovio (via TechRadar)