Adidas unveils Smart Run fitness watch

Update: UK price drops from £350 - £295

The Adidas Smart Run has been tailor-made for running with a built-in heart monitor and the ability to measure stride distances, speed and more

Adidas has unveiled the Smart Run during GigaOm’s Mobilised conference in San Francisco. Tailor-made for running the Smart Run is able to measure your heart rate, stride distance and track you through GPS.

Adidas has already had a position in the wearable technology market with its range of miCoach sensors however this is the first time the company has developed a fitness watch.

Adidas’ smartwatch takes a slightly different tact than rival Nike’s. Aimed at runners, it combines GPS and a heart-rate sensor to accurate measure distance and exertion.

Unlike the new Nike+ FuelBand SE the Smart Run is actually running Google's Android operating system through a small touchscreen interface allowing you to use powerful software to measure your running.

Unlike some heart rate monitors which require you to stop and have a reading taken the Smart Run has the monitor built into the strap of the watch which means it will constantly be taking measurements throughout your session.

It will also display all information through the screen, rather than relying on Bluetooth to link with a smartphone. That includes GPS-based statistics including speed and distance.

Other features include a personal trainer which reacts to your heart rate. If your heart rate is measured at a lower than expected level, it will encourage at you to go faster and harder.

Update: The Smart Run had originally been given a UK price of £350 but since then Adidas has unveiled that now the Smart Run price is just £295, knocking a considerable amount off the original price. According to an Adidas spokesperson the improved price comes as a result of an update in Europe.