Nokia World 2010: What we can expect

Latest rumours on what we could see at this year's Nokia World

Will a new CEO lead to a New Nokia? Big changes in Nokia's regime may point to big changes in the way the company runs, but what it really needs is a few killer handsets...

If the ousting of Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo just days before Nokia World '10 has told us anything, it's that the Finnish mobile manufacturer is facing testing times.

As Apple and Google continue to dominate mobile proceedings, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS nears launch, it has never been more crucial for Nokia to remind us that they are still in the smartphone fight.

Last year, it was the Booklet 3G, Nokia’s first foray into the PC-making business, so what can we expect when the two-day event kicks off on September 14th? Here’s our rundown of what Nokia could unveil over the next few days.

1. Nokia N9
There was hope that Espoo’s first handset to rock the new MeeGo operating system would make an appearance, but recent reports suggest it may take a backseat while Nokia concentrates giving some attention to Symbian ^3 OS . A MeeGo gathering is scheduled for 15 November in Dublin, so we expect to see more of the N9 there instead.

2. Nokia E7
Rumoured to sport a 4-inch touch screen, and a kick slider like the old-school N97 (don’t judge it yet), the Nokia E7 is strongly tipped to make an appearance at Nokia World. The QWERTY slider, which is expected to run on Symbian ^3 gives it all the more reason to be unleashed at Nokia World this year.

3. Nokia N8
Now that a release date has been set and network carriers have been revealed, we expect to get some more time with the Symbian ^3-toting smartphone. Boasting a 3.5-inch multitouch screen, 12-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash and a 720p HD video camera, it’s one of Nokia’s best specced phones to date, so much will be expected from this impressive sounding N-Series handset.

VIDEO: Nokia N8 hands-on review

4. MeeGo
The Nokia/Intel OS collaboration which has been earmarked for high-end smartphones is likely to get a bit more attention at Nokia World 2010, and while we might not see it shown off on the N9, we hope to get a more indepth look at the operating system Nokia is hoping will put them back on the mobile map.

5. Nokia Booklet 3G 2
It was the star of the show at Nokia World 2009, and it could be time for the mini laptop PC to get an update. There was talk back in April of an iPad-rivalling Booklet Touch, from the same analyst who correctly called the arrival of the Google Nexus One and Nokia N900. MeeGo could be a fitting OS for a Nokia-style tablet, so don’t be surprised to see Espoo jump onto the tablet bandwagon.

6. Nokia C6-01
With the C6 having only just been released, word has already spread of its upgrade the C6-01, with the general consensus being that it will be sporting Nokia's new Symbian 3 OS. Spy shots have shown the C6-01 in all its slimline, sparking rumours that it will not feature the QWERTY keyboard that came with the C6, and that we could expect a 3.5-inch touchscreen and 8MP camera. Considering it's in the C series you can generally expect it to be well priced.

7. Nokia U concept
Looking to the future, the concept dubbed ‘Nokia U’ could be the handset to put Nokia right back in the mixer with Google and Apple. The design is definitely reminiscent of the incoming Nokia N8, albeit sleeker and with an apparently metal finish. The specs sound stellar too, with a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, HDMI, USB 3.0 skills, Dolby Surround Sound and an 8 megapixel snapper with 4x optical zoom. Let’s hope we see a little more of this in the next few days.