Future apps: 10 Smartphone apps we'd like to see

Calling all app developers: We want these made pronto

Smartphone users have little scope when it comes to pimping out their devices with apps, which is why T3 has put together yet another awesome list - this time of the 10 Smartphone apps we'd like to see

“Hey, I’ve got an app for that!” That’s what iPhone 4 users say at least 20 times a day and Android users six to seven times a day. Nokia and Palm users? They don’t talk so much, simply because of a lack of apps available on Smartphones. But how much more frequent would these exclamations be if these fondly imagined apps existed…

See below for 10 apps we'd love to see:

1/ Spotify for Windows Phone 7
We’re cheating here: the much-loved music streaming service has been confirmed for WP7 and is in the works now.

2/ Oyster Card
Samsung’s Nexus S has NFC tech built in, as will next-gen iPhones, supposedly. It’s crying out to be used as a digital travel card…

3/ The One
Set it up with, say, your food shopping list or pizza order, plus your payment and delivery details, and from then on The One button would gift you true one-touch ordering.

4/ Archive
Type in your date and publication of choice and this researcher’s dream would bring up the full document.

5/ Late Drinking
Annoyed at being suddenly turfed out just as the night’s getting going? This would point out boozers open later than the norm on a map.

6/ Parking Space
Updated in real-time, this would use an elaborate GPS and data-checking system to point you to the nearest free car parking space.

7/ iLottery
Pay to download the app. After every 10 millionth download, one lucky app user scoops a £1 million jackpot.

8/ Cheque please!
Eating out with a big group? Mark your purchases on the receipt with a cross and hold your camera over it. The amount you have to pay will be shown on screen over the total bill, in an AR stylee.

9/ TaxiMe
Why do we have to look for available cabs? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? This app would alert nearby drivers – with the help of Google Maps – that you’re in need of a lift.

10/ Good Honest Food
UK-wide inventory of small food shops offering the very best in homemade secret recipes, instantly available on your smartphone’s maps app. All similar apps to date only tell you where bloody Pizza Hut is…