Best cheap smartphones

Budget blowers that won't break the bank

Can't stretch to an iPhone 4 or an HTC Desire? We round-up the best cheap smartphones to still meet all you mobile needs

1/ HTC Wildfire S


Love: See below but with Android 2.3, a better screen and 600MHz processor

Hate: Although higher-res than the Wildfire, 480x320 is still not great.

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T3 Star rating: 4/5

2/ HTC Wildfire


Love: Android apps and HTC's Sense interface. Flash support, a five-meg camera and 32GB storage for £230.

Hate: Slower. 528MHz processor

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T3 Star rating: 4/5

3/ LG Optimus One


Love: Packing Android 2.2, the Optimus One has handy LG widgets, a solid build and a lengthy battery life

Hate: Bland design. Low-res screen

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T3 Star rating: 4/5

4/ Samsung Wave 2


Love:Fantastic battery, bigger screen and great build

Hate: No Super AMOLED screen. Text can be hard to read on the browser Bada lacks flexibility of Android. Less apps

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T3 Star rating: 3/5

5/ RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G


Love: Easy email set-up. Fast 3G and N Wi-Fi. Decent processor and battery.

Hate:Low-res screen. Two-meg camera.

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T3 Star rating: 3/5