Today's Wordle Answer 278, Thursday 24 March: clues and discussion for five-letter fiends

Wordle 278 answer explained, with clues and solution

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We got today’s Wordle answer – #278, if you’re keeping count – in 3 guesses and under 1 minute. How? Through the method that we call ‘the T3 Wordling Technique’. It’s some next-level Bene Gesserit-type shit that you probably won’t know about. Basically, we use all the vowels plus S and T in our first two guesses and then everything falls into place. Usually. It did on this occasion, anyway.

What was today’s Wordle solution then? Read on to find out…

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Hints and clues for Wordle 278

Today’s Wordle answer is on the front of your body. But it’s also something you might keep good, or bedding in. Charlton Heston had one of these. 

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Wordle #278 answer

Wordle answer 278

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Today’s Wordle answer is simply the CHEST: better than all the rest. A chest is often somewhere treasure is stored, and also part of the human body, located in between the stomach and the neck/head. 

Reverting to our eternally successful ALIEN/SHOUT opening gambit, we establish 4 out of the 5 Wordle winner letters, with 2 in the right place. From there, we could only really see one possible word, and that was CHEST. There are no words in English that include an H followed by an S so S had to be the 4th letter. There are no 5-letter words that begin with EH and end in ST. Ergo, it had to be a word that ended HEST. Which means it had to be CHEST. You see: spelling can be fun! 

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