PS5 price, pre-orders AND release date set for 9 September reveal

PS5 reveal event rumoured for PlayStation 25th anniversary

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After a scorching summer full of sizzle-reels and hardware specs drops, we now know enough about the PS5 and its game-changing DualSense controller – that has developers raving about the new levels of immersion it offers – to be reaching for our wallets to get those PS5 pre-orders in.    

The missing piece of the puzzle is the price; we have a rough idea of the release date, but neither Sony nor Microsoft have been forthcoming about how much the next-gen consoles will cost – but we might just find out the PS5's price tag this week.    

A 4chan leak posted to Reddit claims that Sony will be holding the reveal event we've been waiting for on Wednesday, September 9 – the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation's debut in North America. 

We'll reportedly see more hardware specs, the UI, new features, gameplay of already-confirmed PS5 games, details on timed-exclusives, the reveal of a PS5 exclusive "big horror game", and the launch date and price. 

Reddit has flagged the rumour as false, and 4chan isn't the most reliable place for legitimate leaks, but we have heard this date being bandied around before; just last week we heard a rumour pinpointing September 9 as the big PS5 reveal event during which Sony would finally tell fans the price of the console.

Unless Sony is going to make us wait until October in its game of chicken with Microsoft's Xbox Series X, will it really miss the opportunity to hold a September event on the 25th anniversary of the console that started it all?

We'd like to think not – mostly because it takes the wait to find out the PS5's price down to two day.  

Meanwhile, a PlayStation blog post has laid out plans for a PS VR spotlight this week, stressing that "there’ll be no PS5-related news" during this time. The spotlight is set to last for a "few days" so whether Sony is playing it close to the vest while plotting a Wednesday reveal, or simply being frank in the face of rumours, is something we'll find out in just a couple of days.   

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