The best meal replacement and muscle food home delivery options to stay healthy indoors (plus the best supplements deals)

Running low on peanut butter? Want to keep your waist slim in self-isolation? Check out your best home food delivery options below

home food delivery: the best meal replacement options
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With the shops ransacked due to people panic buying all the essential – and non-essential – food items, we have to get crafty to make sure we don't wreck our bodies by gorging on junk food and Easter eggs for weeks on end. With many food delivery services already struggling to fulfil orders, we found a loophole that can help you stay healthy and slim, all the while still providing you with all the essential nutrients: supplements!

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Supplements are not just for bodybuilders and especially in the case of meal replacement and muscle food options – apart from providing ample amount of calories – they also contain fibres and many micro and macronutrients your body needs to function well.  The downside is that some supplements can taste a bit bland, especially if you have been training your taste buds on hot curry and super-sweet snacks in the past few months or years.

Apart from protein powder and weight gainers, protein manufacturers also produce and sell other food items that might interest even people who aren't into fitness, like peanut butter or vitamins. There are plenty of special offers and supplement deals to choose from, too, so if you want to – err – supplement your diet with some healthy snacks, read on to find out your best options and, of course, the best deals of all things healthy.

The best home food delivery options: supplement and meal replacement for self-isolation

bulk powders

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Bulk Powders – 40% off on full priced items (use the code 'SCORE')

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You would think you can only get protein powder and creatine from Bulk Powders, right? You might be surprised to hear that they also stock and sell dried pasta, oats, multivitamin tablets, nuts and peanut butter too. Not to mention stuff like peanut flour and breakfast smoothie mix. Bulk Powders also has a great range of vegan products as well, in case you are interested in animal cruelty-free products.

Muscle Food

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Muscle Food – get anything from lean meat to snacks delivered to your door

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Fancy some extra lean diced chicken breast or free range beef slices? How about high-protein cheese or fresh fish? Get it all from Muscle Food as well as vegetarian and vegan food stuff, delivered to your door. The earliest slot at the time of this being published is the 1 April, which is still weeks earlier than when Tesco will start delivering stuff again, apparently.

The Protein Works

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The Protein Works – all things meal replacement and supplement from one place

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We were blown away by the Loaded Nuts high-protein peanut butter by The Protein Works and you can get a tub of it today for 35% less. Better still, the Loaded Legends protein bar is also discounted, so are the delicious Protein Brownies.

As well as snacking, the Protein Works also has an extensive range of meal replacement shakes, including vegan and diet options plus superfood powders and vitamins. Get all the supplements you need to stay healthy from one place: the Protein Works.

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Soylent – ready-to-drink meal replacement for busy people

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We actually sampled the vanilla flavoured Soylent recently and were pleasantly surprised that it tasted good – compared to some other ready-to-drink products on the market. The Soylent Nutrition Shake contains 20 grams of plant protein and it also has 26 added vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A/D/E/K/B1/B2, magnesium, folic acid and many, many more.

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Mana Mark 6 meal replacement powder – 42 ingredients and 173 health benefits

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The Mana Powder Mark 6 has six sources of fibre and just as many sources of fat, as well being nutritionally complete and 100% plant based. Each serving delivers 400 calories of energy and contains 21 grams of plant protein from six different sources, which are: isolated soy protein, isolated pea protein, oat protein, hemp protein, rice protein and algae protein. All the good stuff.

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Huel – the household name in the meal replacement circles

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We covered Huel in more detail here on T3 already. Huel Powder is a nutritionally complete powdered food that is high in protein and fibre, low in sugar and salt, rich in phytonutrients, and contains a balanced macro split of 37:30:30:3 ( in grams, carbohydrate:protein:fat:fibre) and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contains no lactose or any animal products, no soy, and no GMO.

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MyProtein – up to 45% off

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MyProtein's vegan range has expanded significantly recently and now includes almost 150 products (147 to be precise). There are vegan protein cookies, vegan 'carb crusher' bars, almond butter and even protein bars and vitamins, all free from animal products. As well as vegan products, MyProtein also offers 'regular' supplements as well and now, thanks to the special offer they have on, the more you spend, the more you save!

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