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Amazon Prime Day: Leaked date confirmed by exec – mark your calendars!

Amazon Prime Day's new date officially narrowed down to only possible window

Amazon Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Day is usually a time of frivolous spending at the height of summer, when the online retailer runs unmissable discounts and deals across a huge range of products for two whole days, just for Prime members.

This year has been the exception – for obvious reasons – with businesses struggling to stay on track with production, logistics, and even staying afloat. Amazon is big enough to not have to worry about suddenly going out of business, but it's felt the impact of the pandemic along with everyone else. Now, as it regains its footing, it's all but confirmed the new date for Amazon Prime Day 2020.

The festivities were pushed back rather than cancelled outright, with Amazon confirming to media outlets that it still has every intention to hold its blowout sale later this year. Now we have another official update from Amazon finance chief Brian Olsavsky, who's essentially narrowed down the window to a single possible month – October.

During the company's earnings call, Olsavsky confirmed that Prime Day 2020 will take place "in the fourth quarter" of this year, after postponing the sale due to the pandemic. It's pretty much a given that December is off the table, and every November, Amazon runs its Black Friday bonanza, so in order not to steal its own thunder, the only month devoid of annual sales or promotions that would be suitable for hosting Prime Day is, of course, October.   

This is in line with a reportedly leaked email from Amazon to third-party sellers that discussed an October 5 "placeholder date" for Prime Day – although it stressed that "exact Prime Day dates have not been announced.”

While the actual day may not have been nailed down, it looks more certain than ever that Amazon Prime Day 2020 is coming this October, so mark your calendars!  

Source: CNET