The OUTlet USB review: A replacement outlet for the modern home is here

Is it time to upgrade those old electrical outlets? The OUTlet USB may just be what you're looking for...

the outlet review
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T3 Verdict

The OUTlet is a must-ty for those looking to future-proof their homes. A slick designed coupled with actual improvements to the old power outlet of yesteryears brings plenty to the table, providing an outlet that modern families and homes benefit greatly from.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Solid design and construction

  • +

    cETLus approved and tamper resistant

  • +

    Affordable and inexpensive

  • +

    USB plugs are a huge bonus

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not a GCFI outlet

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When it comes to electrical outlets, not much has changed over the past 100+ years they've been around. On the outside you have two power outlets for your appliances and devices, and on the inside standard hook ups to connect to your home's electrical wiring.

The OUTlet hopes to shake things up a bit, especially in more modern homes, with a convenient and intuitive design change to the classicelectrical outlet. With a unique take on what the electrical outlet should be capable of, the OUTlet succeeds in doing just that and a little bit more.

The OUTlet USB: a power outlet for the 21st century

In the age of technology, power outlets and charging ports have become hot commodities. While surge protectors and power strips are excellent alternatives to increasing your outlet count, the OUTlet aims to cut out the middle-man with an easy-to-install retractable outlet that replaces your current power plugs.

Featuring a nifty retractable design, the OUTlet houses four power outlets in total along with an two USB ports for charging your devices. It's retractable design is the kicker here and what should be praised here, as with just the press of a button the OUTlet opens up and provides access to two additional power plugs and one additional USB port. 

Everything you need to install it is provided, including a wall plate, mounting screws,  and installation instructions. Installation is pretty straightforward, but if you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring or installing an outlet we'd highly recommend consulting a professional.

WARNING: Please consult with an electrician before installing the OUTlet in your home. Damage or injury can occur if done incorrectly. If you are unfamiliar with the process of replacing electrical outlets, have a professional handle it!

The OUTlet features a locking mechanism that prevents tampering and is child friendly.

(Image credit: The OUTlet)

The OUTlet USB: our verdict

The take-away with the OUTlet isn't that it completely changes how outlets perform, but that it takes the old formula and turns it to 11 with some much needed versatility. The additional power outlets coupled with it's space saving design and form are a step in the right direction, proving that there's still much to be improved upon when it comes to electrical outlets.

The retractable design is excellent, sturdy, and reliable. It's housing is both durable and rugged, ensuring it'll last for years to come if taken care of properly. The added power plugs and USB ports are a life saver, too!  You'll no longer need to drag silly USB power plug converters everywhere around your house if you've got these installed.

Installation is very straightforward as well, and if you're familiar with basic electrical maintenance will cause no issues for you. The screw-less face plate is also a very nice touch, and keeps your wall looking simple and clean.

All-in-all, the OUTlet is an excellent little piece of ingenuity and innovation that we'd like to see more of. It's a simple change to a classic design that works wonders, and works perfectly as a companion plug for your desk, office, TV stand, or other cable-intensive areas. 

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