Stubble & Co Kit Bag review: premium gym bag for the discerning athlete

Functional and stylish - this bag ticks a lot of boxes

Stubble and Co Kit Bag review
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The Kit Bag from Stubble & Co is a one bag wonder; whether you’re off to the gym or heading for a weekend away, the Kit Bag can handle it all. Part-crafted from recycled materials with a waterproof exterior, a 45 litre capacity and plenty of internal pockets (including one for your laptop), this bag provides all the functionality you need, whilst looking good on your back too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extremely large capacity

  • +

    Ideal for sports, work and travel

  • +

    Aesthetically pleasing

  • +

    Durable and waterproof exterior

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Water bottle on the inside

  • -

    Short people may find the bag a little too big

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When it comes to finding the best gym bag I’m a substance over style kind of person. That was until I was introduced to the Stubble & Co Kit Bag, which ticks both these boxes. 

Stubble & Co say they are committed to creating ‘durable, functional and stylish bags’ and, on the surface, the Kit Bag looks as if it adheres to all of these. It has a very large capacity, is crafted from recycled waterproof materials, has enough (but not too many) compartment pockets and you can’t ignore its sport-luxe exterior. Looks can be deceiving, but this is a bag that pleasantly surprised me. Here’s what I thought of the Stubble & Co Kit Bag when I put it to the test for a week.

Stubble & Co Kit Bag review: Price and Availability

The Stubble and Co Kit Bag is available to buy directly from Stubble & Co UK, Stubble & Co US and Stubble & Co AU. The bag retails at £155/$215/ AU $325. It’s available in one size (45 litres) and one colour (black).  

Stubble & Co Kit Bag review: specs

  • Dimensions: W 54 x H 22 x D 35 cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Size: 45 litres
  • Materials
  • Base: 900D Recycled TPU
  • Lining: 200D Recycled PET
  • Other features: recycled water-resistant zips, vegan friendly

Stubble & Co Kit Bag review: design and features

Stubble and Co Kit Bag review: bag on T3 Active Writers back

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One thing that doesn’t go amiss with the Stubble & Co Kit Bag is its 45 litre capacity – it’s huge! It has a large main compartment which offers more than enough space to store all your sporting essentials, from your weightlifting belt, to a change of clothes, towel, toiletries and your post-workout protein powder. Within its interior there’s also a flat zip mesh pocket and a water bottle holder (this is on the inside of the bag).

Compartments also continue on the outside of the bag: there’s a pocket that can fit a 16” laptop, an easy-access pocket on the top for essentials (like your wallet and keys) and, to my delight, there was a shoe compartment. 

The exterior of the bag is crafted from recycled waterproof materials, so you can rest assured that your kit will remain dry during any wet commutes. The bag’s straps are also removable.

Stubble & Co Kit bag review: Performance

I tested the Stubble & Co Kit Bag during my week at the gym and an overnight stay in London and it exceeded my expectations.

I’m someone who likes to have all my gym kit in one place and I don’t want to repack my bag for each session. There were no issues when it came to fitting all my gym accessories into the Kit Bag and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I maybe even had too much space. Even with my chunky weightlifting belt inside it, I still had plenty of room left over. As someone who never packs light in any circumstance, this was a big win. The fact the water bottle compartment is on the inside of the bag was a little frustrating and it ended up being easier just carrying it around with me, rather than unzipping the bag every time I moved to a new piece of equipment.

Stubble and Co Kit Bag review: inside main compartment

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I also need to emphasise how decent the shoe compartment is. I feel there are a lot of sports bags that come with shoe compartments which either A) aren’t big enough or B) end up taking up too much space in the actual bag, which results in people often not using them. However, this one is actually good and even with my Metcon 9s stored inside it, it didn’t really disrupt what was going on inside the main compartment. Equally, of which, there’s plenty of space in that to put your shoes.

Some may argue whether this bag has enough pockets: there’s three on the outside (including the shoe compartment) but, personally I think it’s just the right amount. I can’t stand a bag that has too many pockets and forgetting which one you put something in. It’s also worth noting that although this is a backpack (but can be carried by your side with the two handles) you are going to need to lay it down flat every time you unzip it, which I appreciate won't float everyone's boat.

Stubble and Co Kit Bag review: trainer compartment

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This bag also makes an excellent weekend bag. I had more than enough room for my couple of nights in London, including space for my laptop, and having got caught in a downpour, I can also confirm it’s 100% waterproof. The padded straps made it comfortable to carry on my back, albeit when full, it does feel pretty heavy. However, the little cross-body clip added some extra security when I was dashing from one tube to the other.

I am 5ft 5 and this bag is very large and, at times, I did feel like it was bigger than me, therefore short people may find this bag a little too big. 

Stubble and Co Kit bag review: verdict

Stubble and Co Kit Bag review: bag being carried side ways

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I think if you’re looking for a versatile gym/sports bag, that is also suitable for using on the weekends, then the Stubble & Co Kit Bag is excellent. And, because it can be used for pretty much everything, is functional and stylish, I think its price tag is more than justified. 

The quality is fantastic and really respect how the brand has made a real effort to create something as sustainable as possible, using recycled materials where possible. I appreciate its minimalist design, the waterproof exterior; it’s comfy to wear and its refreshing to have a bag that is so versatile. My only love-hate predicament with this bag is its size; one hand I absolutely love it ,as all my gym kit fits into it no problem and this is what makes it great for travel too. On the other hand, as someone who’s not the tallest person in the world, the height of the bag can often feel like it’s towering over me.

I do think it’s better suited to gym-goers and sports people who do use a lot of kit (if you don’t take a lot of kit with you, I’d personally opt for something smaller). Overall, it's a brilliant bag for the discerning athlete.   

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