Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review: an accurate and lightweight gaming mouse

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra will please every type of player from casual to pro-gamers

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review
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T3 Verdict

If you need a mouse to be light and ergonomic, and you aren’t fussed about having a major RGB show, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra could be a great choice. The internal honeycomb keeps the weight low and the rounded shape makes this a genuinely comfortable gaming rodent.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very lightweight

  • +

    Roccat Swarm software gives you detailed customisation

  • +

    Flexible 1.8m USB cable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Only suitable for right-handed people

  • -

    Illumination is limited

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Welcome to T3’s Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review, which is undoubtedly a gaming mouse of note in 2022.

We always expect a lot from Roccat when it comes to gaming accessories, the German brand is known for its high-quality gear and has previously taken high-ranking spots in T3’s best gaming mouse guide. Roccat is out to impress yet again with the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra, an ultra-light, ergonomic gaming mouse. 

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This Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review will cover everything about this mouse from its price and design to its key features and performance. Hopefully by reading it you can learn if the Kone Pure Ultra is the right gaming mouse for you.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra - Key specs

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

(Image credit: Roccat)

DPI: Up to 16,000
Weight: 66 grams
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Acceleration: 50G
Processor: ARM Cortex-M0 48MHz
Memory: 512kB
Sensor: Owl-Eye optical
Number of buttons: 7

 Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review: price 

 At the time of writing, you can buy the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra on Amazon for £49.95 in the UK, $62.99 in the US and AU$95.37 in Australia. 

 Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review: design and setup

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review

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Weighing just 66g, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is much lighter than a standard mouse. To keep the weight low, it features an internal honeycomb structure, so if you want a lightweight mouse but aren’t a fan of the holey honeycomb, this mouse might be more your style.

Perfect for people with smaller hands, it measures 3.90 x 7.00 x 11.50 cm and has rounded edges. Most of those with medium to large hands will revert to a claw grip but there are concaves on both sides where your thumb and pinky finger can comfortably rest, making this quite a supportive mouse. The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra will only be suitable for right-handed people though. 

It’s coated in a grippy, anti-wear finish that comes in a matte-white or matte-black. It’s designed to be dirt-resistant and durable. We reviewed the white version, which did manage to resist grime for the most part, though admittedly it did pick up a couple of small marks over a week of use. 

Including the left/right clicks and a central scroll wheel, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra has seven buttons which are defaulted to two DPI selector buttons under the scroll wheel, as well as browser forwards and browser backwards located on the left-hand side. You can adjust the button assignment settings in the desktop software.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review

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The RGB and LED lighting effects only shine through the logo on the front of the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra so don’t look as impressive as on other gaming mice, in fact, it’s usually covered up by your palm. But the illumination can sync up to other AIMO-compatible accessories to create a good-looking gaming aesthetic when you aren’t using it. The illumination can also be customised to your own preferences.

To start using the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra on its default settings, you just need to plug it into your computer using the 1.8m USB cable. To set your own preferences, you’ll need to download the Roccat Swarm software. Unlike on other Roccat mice, this has a plastic cable as opposed to a braided one, it’s super thin which provides just as much flexibility if not more than a regular braided cable.

 Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review: features and performance 

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review

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The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra features an owl-eye sensor, 16K dpi (dots per inch) and 50G of acceleration. During gameplay, the sensor easily kept up with rapid movement and had consistent tracking.

The buttons are solid if a little stiff at times, but you rarely miss a click nonetheless. We found the mouse was incredibly accurate in FPS games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. Although the Titan scroll wheel is precise, it could feel a little smoother. As for the skates, they easily glide across your mat and are some of the silkiest we’ve used.

You can configure the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra in the Swarm desktop software which covers just about everything you could need, from the adjustable lift-off distance, angle-snapping, polling rate adjustment and zero debounce. The level of customisation you get in the software will certainly please pro gamers. There are five set dpi profiles that you can manually adjust through Swarm and click through using the plus and minus buttons on the mouse.

 Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review: verdict  

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

(Image credit: Roccat)

For those deep into eSports, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is easy to recommend. It’s lightweight, smooth and accurate with software giving you full control over the configuration. FPS gamers will be especially keen on how easily it glides across your mat. If you are serious about your gaming, the mid-range price of £49.95/$62.99 is in line with its performance, even though it’s on the pricier end of that bracket (be sure to check the widgets for more up to date pricing). 

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is a mouse that oozes quality, even if it does look a little plain. You won’t get an eye-popping light show and it’s not the type of mouse you gasp at as you take it out of the box, but the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra caters for everything from pro-gaming to home-working.

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