Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: luxurious comfort with a premium price tag

A silky soft weighted blanket made from quality materials… but is it worth the money?

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket
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T3 Verdict

The Owl+Lark Weighted Blanket is a luxuriously soft and comforting weighted blanket, which can be used for night time or nap time. It’s a little on the expensive side and the bead placement could use some work, but it’s made from sustainable materials and has a soothing weight when you’re cuddled underneath it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Looks and feels luxurious

  • +

    Soothing weight

  • +

    Incredibly breathable

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Bead weight and placements bit inconsistent

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In this Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review, I was not only focused on testing out how comfortable, soothing and anxiety-relieving it is, but I also wanted to understand the hype around weighted blankets.

The best weighted blankets provide a gentle even pressure across the body and are said to relieve stress, anxiety and improve your sleep. For the past couple years, weighted blankets have surged in popularity due to these features so I couldn’t resist giving this Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket a try. If you’re new to the weighted blanket world like I was before testing one out, check out our guide to what is a weighted blanket and how do they work? for more details.

A new name to the wellness community, Owl + Lark was launched in 2020 with a strong focus on improving sleep quality and strengthening the body’s circadian rhythms. The Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket is “engineered for a deeper, more comfortable sleep” and ticks all the health and wellness boxes: it’s made of sustainable materials, comes in two weights and three colours, has a machine washable cover and much more.

Like I said before, I wanted to try out the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket to see what all the weighted blanket hype was about. I feel like I get it now but I’m still a little on the fence – read on to find out why.

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: Design

The Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket measures at 135 x 200 cm and is available in two weights: 7kg (15lbs) or 9kg (20lbs). It comes in three colours, pink (colorada), blue (uyuni) or green (verde) and can be used alongside your existing bedding or as a duvet replacement. For this review, I tested out the 9kg version of the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket in the green colour.

What sets it apart from other weighted blankets is its materials. The Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket is made up of 7 layers, using a combination of bamboo, polyester and glass micro-beads. The glass micro-beads are distributed throughout the blanket in padding, to give an even weight when you’re underneath it. The materials used are also designed to be kind to skin and breathable.

With a strong focus on sustainability, the bamboo is ethically sourced from organic growers that use sustainable methods of production and extraction. The bamboo is present within the blanket and the removable and washable cover which is made up of 300 thread bamboo silk. The cover also has gold button fastenings to keep the blanket inside.

My initial thoughts when I got the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket out of the bag was how soft and luxurious it looks and feels. It definitely doesn’t feel like a traditional blanket or duvet at all, but has a silk-like texture (see our guide on how to wash silk bedding if you’re finding it challenging). When you get it out of the bag, the smell is a little overpowering but take that with a grain of salt, as it had been packed away inside a bag for a while! The smell also went away very quickly once I started using it.

The measurements make this weighted blanket a single size, so if you and your partner wanted to use it as a duvet, you might want to consider getting two (which might not be feasible as you’ll see below).

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket

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Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: Comfort

The Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket is immensely comfortable and soothing. The 9kg weight is heavy to move around but once you’ve manoeuvred it onto you, the weight feels like it melts away. It adds a nice weight but you don’t feel like you’re getting crushed! I really enjoyed clumping the blanket together to make it super heavy and laying it in one place, like my legs or stomach. The extra pressure felt very soothing and I looked forward to doing this after a run or long day.

The fabric is incredibly soft and nice to touch, but I also find it extremely breathable. It doesn’t get too hot and as someone who’s always cold, I found it very snuggly and warm, without it trapping too much heat.

A couple of criticisms I have is the glass micro-beads. While the beads are said to be fairly distributed, I did feel that some were a little chunkier in places whereas others were a bit sparser. This is probably why I enjoyed collecting the blanket together in one big pile and using it this way, as the weight felt a bit uneven in places when I was lying under it. The buttons also came undone too easily, but it’s a heavy blanket which takes some strength to move, so I feel this is to be expected.

I have to wonder whether the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket might be too big for a blanket. While it is meant to replace your duvet, I’m not sure if I would choose it over one of the best duvets, mainly because I can’t share it with my partner.

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: Pricing

The price for the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket is £210 for both sizes. While it does get discounted to under £200 often, I still don’t know if I’d pay that amount of money for a blanket. It’s even more expensive than the Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket which T3 rated 5 stars but noted that the price was quite expensive.

I will say that the price most likely reflects the materials and technology that is behind the make-up for the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket but in my opinion, over £200 for a weighted blanket is a bit steep.

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: Should I buy it?

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket. I’m not convinced that I’d use it to sleep with every night, but to snuggle under for a nap or to wrap up in, I can definitely see myself reaching for it, especially during the colder months.

The price is what holds me back but I can’t deny the quality of the materials, especially as they’re kind to the environment and skin, plus the engineering is pretty impressive. I’d also like the glass micro-beads to be more evenly distributed but I can’t deny the quality or luxury that the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket has.

So, should you buy it? If you have the money and want a weighted blanket, it definitely has its positives so I’d say yes. However, if you were to buy it to replace your duvet, you’d only be using it yourself due to its single size. That’s fine if you’re a cover hog, but if you do share a bed or duvet, you’d have to consider getting two, which bumps up the price to £420.

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket review: Alternatives to consider

The best alternative to the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket is the Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket which is currently topping our list for the best weighted blanket. It’s incredibly high quality, ultra-comforting, has a removable washable cover and it's cheaper than the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket.

If you fancy a weighted blanket with more of a traditional blanket feel, the Eve Weighted Blanket is a good choice. It's made out of breathable cotton and has the weight built-in, so it’s more even, and it’s cheaper than the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket, too. Another great option which is similar to the Owl + Lark Weighted Blanket fabric but is more affordable, is the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket.

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