Noblechairs Hero ST TX review: a gaming chair classy enough for the office

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX is a gaming chair disguised in classy attire

A Noblechairs Hero ST TX in T3's dedicated gaming chair test facility
(Image credit: Future: Sam Cross)
T3 Verdict

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX is a gaming chair in disguise, with a classy exterior that defies its gaming credentials. Premium upholstery and solid build quality make for a reassuringly sturdy chair – perfect for long gaming sessions.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium upholstery

  • +

    Beautiful design

  • +

    Reassuringly heavy-duty

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Instructions aren't the clearest

  • -

    Seat base is very firm

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If you're on the lookout for the best gaming chair, chances are you're already aware of's credentials. We've been thoroughly testing chairs of all shapes, sizes and price ranges for years now, making sure they work for real use cases to help you make the most informed purchase decisions.

It's so important to get the right gaming setup. It's easy to spend hours playing your favourite games, so having comfortable and high-quality products is a must. Fortunately, T3 is on the case – as well as being in the know on chairs, we've got guides for the best gaming keyboard, the best gaming headset and the best gaming laptop, to help you improve your setup with tried and tested products.

With this, the Noblechairs Hero ST TX, we got a serious contender, not just for best gaming chair, but for best office chair too. The Hero ST TX is a brilliant hybrid that looks that part during marathon gaming sessions, but is equally adept when taking work calls.

It steers clear of bright colours and bold patterns, opting for simple grey and black hues that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Let's take a closer look.

Noblechairs Hero ST TX review: Price and Release Date

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX is available for purchase right now – you can pick one up through the Noblechairs website. The model I'm reviewing is the Hero ST TX, which comes in an Anthracite grey fabric and will set you back £419.99 / $549 / AU$749.

The standard Hero ST comes in a high-tech faux leather finish, and will set you back slightly more. There's also a Stormtrooper edition which is every bit as awesome as it sounds. 

Noblechairs Hero ST TX review: Package and Setup

All the pieces of the Noblechairs Hero ST TX ready to be assembled

(Image credit: Future: Sam Cross)

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX came well packaged, with everything securely in place and protected. Instructions were printed on a single large card, and were okay, though certain images left me scratching my head. 

In the end, I found myself wishing Noblechairs had included some written instructions, rather than putting everything into an array of hieroglyphics. All in all, the build took two people just over an hour, though I was stopping occasionally to document the process with images. I think it could be done quicker, and with a single person, without that.

One big plus for the Hero ST TX is that there really aren't many parts at all. Flatpack furniture can be a daunting mess of different screws that look painfully similar, but that's not the experience here. All of the screws and a hex key are included, so you wont even need any additional tools to get setup.

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX being built in T3's gaming chair test facility

Everything goes together with the included hex key, so building is a doddle!

(Image credit: Future: Sam Cross)

Noblechairs Hero ST TX review: Performance and Features

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX is packed with all the features you'd expect of a premium gaming chair. The fabric is breathable, to keep you fresh on long stints, and there are two pillows – one for your back, one for your head – included for added comfort.

There is a one-dimensional lumbar adjustment on the Hero ST TX. Clearly, the research put into making the Hero ST TX ergonomic was deemed to be enough, with Noblechairs stating that "the HERO ST brings with it optimized ergonomics, making comfort the highest priority over extended periods."

In use, I found that the lumbar support was slightly too low for me, and with no height adjustment, I couldn't make it any more comfortable. The back pillow did help somewhat, though, allowing me to spend some real time in the chair without discomfort. 

4D armrests allow for a range of positional adjustment and makes it really easy to find your optimal setting. They're oversized too, adding extra support, though if I'm being honest, I didn't notice too much difference there. At full extension, there's plenty of room to cross your legs, too, if that's your thing.

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX being built in T3's gaming chair test facility

The armrests offer a wide-range of adjustment, too.

(Image credit: Future: Sam Cross)

The entire construction of the Hero ST TX is super high-quality. You can certainly feel where your money goes, with a robust steel frame and aluminium base. I'm confident this chair could outlive me, in fact.

The inner cushioning is made of cold foam, and is comfortable enough for extended periods. I found the base to be especially firm, though. I hoped it might just need breaking in, but after a few weeks of use, it's still more solid than I'd like. Hopefully it will wear down with more use.

It may not be my personal preference, but that firm base is undeniably good for support. I spent many hours in the chair, both gaming (mainly extended stints on Football Manager 2022 and Minecraft) and working (here at, writing all about the latest tech, style and even this very review) and I never felt fatigued by the chair. I sound a bit like Goldilocks, but a chair that is too soft can quickly become uncomfortable. This might not have been my "just right" but too hard is definitely the better side to be on.

Noblechairs Hero ST TX review: Verdict

The Noblechairs Hero ST TX is a premium gaming chair in every sense of the word. It's on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for here, with a robust construction and a well-engineered seat that will keep you comfortable no matter how long you spend in your chair. Plus, while not cheap, it's also not unreasonable when compared to other, similar gaming chairs.

Where I think this really excels is in the modern work-from-home environment. A classy grey fabric finish won't cause your colleagues to bat an eye, while the gaming credentials and svelte, modern design will fit right in while you play. The chair is very comfortable for longer sessions, offering brilliant support – and it's perfect for those who prefer a firmer seat. 

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