Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun review: relieves sore muscles in an instant

Your muscles will never feel sore again with the Lumi powerPRO… if you can manage to hold it!

Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun review
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T3 Verdict

To relieve sore and tight muscles, the Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun absolutely excels and in a surprisingly quick timeframe. It comes with multiple attachments and powerful intensity levels to address different parts of the body. It could be a lot lighter and easier to hold, but it does a great job once you get comfortable with it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Pain and pressure relieving for post-workouts

  • +

    Five attachments to get into specific muscle areas

  • +

    Long lasting battery life

  • +

    Easy to travel with

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the most lightweight or comfortable thing to hold

  • -

    Not the quietest option on the market

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If you ever experience tight, sore and painful muscles after a run, gym session, yoga flow or any other type of exercise, then you need to consider investing in the best massage gun. Using a combination of attachments and intensity levels, all powered by a high performance motor, a massage gun can pound the pain away for better recovery and less soreness and stiffness.

I wanted to try a massage gun for a while and when I heard about the Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun, I jumped at the chance. After using it for a few weeks after long runs and weight training sessions, I found myself pleasantly surprised by its performance. Keep reading to find out why.

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: price and availability

The Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun is £95 and available to buy at Lumi Therapy. Compared to other massager brands like Theragun, this is a pretty reasonable price, and I’ve seen it drop in price a few times, so you could get it for cheaper.

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: unboxing and set-up

The Lumi Therapy powerPRO arrived in a compact box which contained the massage gun, a USB-C charging cable, five head attachments with an attachment carry bag and a portable storage case. To get started using the Lumi Therapy powerPRO, all I had to do was charge it for up to three hours for a full charge… and that was it!

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: design and features

The Lumi Therapy powerPRO looks like most massage guns you find on the market. It has a triangular shaped handle which has the charging port located at the bottom and the power and speed adjustment buttons on the side. To find out the charge and speed status of the Lumi Therapy powerPRO, there are five bars at the bottom of the handle which light up: three green lights are for a full battery and five white lights are for full speed.

The top of the Lumi Therapy powerPRO has the rotating head where you fix the attachments. Once an attachment is in place, it has a 12mm percussive action that delivers pulsating waves into the muscles. The maximum speed you can reach with the Lumi Therapy powerPRO is up to 3200 RPM which gets deep into muscles for pain and tension relief, recovery and repair, and increased blood flow.

The five silicone massage heads are designed for different areas of the body. The ball attachment is for quads and glutes, the iron is for the chest, neck and forearms, and the spinal attachment is for massaging either side of the spine. The other two attachments are for specific massage therapy needs, for example, the bullet works on deep knots and pressure points while the fin uses a ‘muscle scraping’ technique which softens surface tissue and increases range of motion in large muscle groups.

Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: performance

The main reason I wanted to try a massage gun like the Lumi Therapy powerPRO is because I decided to start lifting weights again this year. As I run at least four days a week, I wanted to better support my legs by building up the muscles to help with longer running sessions. I threw myself into weight-based workout classes and after months of not training in that way, my thighs, calves, glutes and shoulders were hurting like they hadn’t in a long time!

Enter the Lumi Therapy powerPRO. As it’s specifically designed for the quads and glutes, I attached the ball to the end of the massage gun which was extremely easy to pop on and off to switch between accessories. Once in place, I turned the on button as was greeted with the battery life indicator before I pressed the ‘+’ button to start the Lumi Therapy powerPRO. Straight away, I was greeted with intense pulses and vibrations to my legs and wow, did it hurt!

The settings on the Lumi Therapy powerPRO gradually increased as you level up, but even the lowest setting could be quite intense after a long and tiring session. While it felt sore at first (which is to be expected!), the pain started to ease very quickly. After a few minutes of running over my legs and glutes, my legs felt amazing and I didn’t feel any soreness at all.

The ball attachment was my personal favourite attachment as I started to use it after longer runs and weight training, but I also liked the iron attachment. My upper body strength is abysmal so I was definitely feeling the pain after press-ups, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises. The iron felt great while in action and even when it went over the boniest parts of my body, like my chest and shoulder blades, it didn’t feel too tender or painful.

While the handle is ergonomically designed to get into awkward areas, the Lumi Therapy powerPRO isn’t the easiest thing to hold. It’s not particularly heavy but it’s not light either, and I found it quite difficult and uncomfortable to use, especially when I wanted to focus on my back muscles. After only a few minutes of use, it makes your arms and hands quite achy.

Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: verdict

Whenever my body feels sore or like it needs some TLC after a workout, the Lumi Therapy powerPRO Massage Gun is the first thing I turn to. Its versatile intensity levels powerfully target the muscles and the five attachments expertly focus on different areas of the body. Its battery life is seriously impressive with up to 10 hours of battery after a full charge, and its travel case and storage makes it easy to travel with.

Where the Lumi Therapy powerPRO falters for me is its weight and handle. It’s not the most comfortable to hold for too long and it makes quite a lot of noise while in action. As the intensity increases, so does the noise and strain on the hands and arms to hold it which isn’t very comfortable when you’re trying to relieve your muscles. But, the Lumi Therapy powerPRO is still an admirable massage gun that I’d highly recommend.

Lumi Therapy powerPro review: alternatives to consider

A good alternative to consider is the fifth generation of the Theragun Pro. While the Theragun Pro is five times more expensive than the Lumi Therapy powerPRO, it has a comfortable handle, multiple attachments and pre-set workouts available on the gun itself.

Another affordable massage gun to consider is the Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini. It has a similar design to the Theragun Mini but it's much cheaper and has the same number of attachments and travel ease as the Lumi Therapy powerPRO.

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