LucidSound LS50X review: The ultimate gaming headset for Xbox gamers

Regardless of if you game on Xbox Series X or Xbox One, the LucidSounds LS50X is the first gaming headset to consider

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LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset wireless Bluetooth
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LucidSound not only cements its reputation as the most exciting gaming headset maker on the market today with the LS50X, but comes out punching hard in the next-gen of console peripherals with a gaming headset that delivers an exceptional all-round package. Build and audio quality are first rate, while its dual wireless dongle and Bluetooth functionality means it is incredibly versatile, too. And, as for setup, that's the best T3 has ever experienced – 10 seconds and you're gaming. For Xbox gamers, there is no better option on the market today.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Premium build quality

  • +

    Excellent audio reproduction

  • +

    Works with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

  • +

    Also works with any Bluetooth enabled device

  • +

    Setup takes, literally, 10 seconds

  • +

    Five dedicated EQ modes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    None of note

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When it comes round to the best gaming headsets, T3 is the world's number one authority. We review and rank the very best headsets for gaming on the market today and, as such, when we called the LucidSound LS50X Hybrid Gaming Headset in for review, we admittedly got very excited.

LucidSound, for the uninitiated, are to T3 the most exciting new gaming headset maker in the world today, previously wowing T3 with its LS40 7.1 Surround Wireless Universal Gaming Headset, more budget friendly LS20 Powered Gaming Headset, as well as many others, too.

Which is why the idea of reviewing the hyper-luxe new LS50X, which is a hybrid wireless and Bluetooth set of gaming cans for Xbox users, really appealed. Here was a new gaming headset that not only is officially licensed by Xbox itself, but works with both Xbox One and the next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Not only that, but thanks to that Bluetooth capability, the LS50X also offered versatile use with any other Bluetooth-enabled device. This is a product that isn't confined to just home console gaming, and can be easily taken out of the house to use paired to a phone, tablet or computer, too.

Could the LS50X live up to the hype? Read on to get my considered opinion after using the headset for two weeks.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset wireless Bluetooth

You get a sturdy and protective carry case in the LS50X package.

(Image credit: LucidSound)

LucidSound LS50X review: Package and build quality

Open the LucidSound LS50X box and you are faced with a stylish headset carry case. This is black and soft to the touch, although has a rigid body that can't be crushed – ideal for protecting the headset when in a bag with other items.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

The now familiar packaging material for LucidSound gaming headsets.

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Open the case and you are greeted with the headset itself as well as its dual-mic detachable boom mic and charging cable. The headset sits snuggly in the carry case, which has a soft synthetic fur lining, too, to prevent scratches.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

What you are greeted with when opening the LS50X's included carry case.

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In terms of design, the LS50X builds on the design we've seen employed by LucidSound previously – a stylish two-tone silver and black colorway, large over-ear circular earcups and ports and controls located on the bottom and rear.

We get a most-welcome return of the premium faux leather headband, too, which features a lovely diamond hatch stitching pattern. Stitching around the earpads is also fine, with a soft fabric inner joined seamlessly with a faux leather outer.

Both earcups can be rotated and extended, as you would expect, and LucidSound's logo can be found on the exterior of both earcups, and its brand name on the top of the headband.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

Earcups can be extended and rotated as required.

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Ear cup controls include game, chat and device volumes, while you can also game mute, mic mute and change tracks, too. Calls can even be answered on headset as well.

The cups themselves feature a three-layer design, with a memory foam core topped with a cooling gel and then finished with a cloth liner that actually touches the ears.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

The headband cushion is soft and features this fine diamond hatch stitching.

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Finally, and this is something I as a glasses wearer was very happy to see, the LS50X features a glasses friendly design. This means that even when wearing glasses there is no pressing or pinching of the temple, ears or cheeks.

Total weight of the headset rests at 408 grams (14.4oz), which is right down the middle – it's not the lightest headset available, and also not the heaviest.

Overall, the build quality and design of the LS50X is premium-grade.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

There's no setup manual in the box, with users invited to scan a QR code for the (stupidly simple) setup steps.

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LucidSound LS50X review: Setup and audio reproduction 

When I first opened the LucidSound LS50X box and discovered there was no physical setup guide, and instead just a sticker on one of the earcups inviting me to scan a QR code to go to a setup page online, my heart sank.

I've had bad experiences with some gaming headsets in the past where getting them paired up with the console of choice, or PC, has been a painfully drawn out affair. When I proceeded to go to the setup page, though, I was surprised in the best way possible.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

The LS50X's wireless dongle connected to my Xbox Series X.

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That's because the setup instructions consisted of this:

"Step 1:  Connect the dongle to a USB port on the Xbox One.

Step 2:  Turn on the headset.

Step 3:  You're ready to use the headset!"

And, that really way it. I connected the LS50X's wireless dongle to the front-facing USB port on my Xbox Series X, pressed the power button on the headset, and seconds later it was connected and fully working.

The setup on the LS50X is the most straightforward I've experienced, and in my mind at least has set a new benchmark that other headsets will be now judged against.

And, the audio reproduction, well, I feel that should be almost be taken for granted now with LucidSound, as once again I was very impressed with the clarity and width of the soundstage on offer.

The LS50X is powered by a brace of 50mm drivers and can deliver stereo audio as well as surround sound on Xbox One using Dolby Atmos. Frequency response is 20 - 20,000 Hz, while sound pressure level rests at 97 +/-3dB.

There are five EQ modes, too, including Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Movie Mode, Music Mode and Flat EQ, and what this translates to is excellent audio no matter what application or game you are running on your Xbox console or Bluetooth device.

I played a variety of games on my Xbox One while using the LS50X, including Forza Horizon 4, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Rage 2, Fifa 20 and Halo 5 Guardians, and in each one I found the audio immersive and refined. But, as I said, this wasn't news to me as I have reviewed LucidSound headsets in the past.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

You can use the LucidSound with any Bluetooth-enabled device as well as Xbox consoles.

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LucidSound LS50X review: Features and mics

The big take-away feature on the LucidSound LS50X is that it has Bluetooth built in. This means that you can pair the headset with any Bluetooth-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, meaning you can seamlessly switch between the two, thereby unlocking a far wider world of usage.

That means on top of straight Xbox console usage you can also, say, use the LS50X as just a pair of quality headphones, as a Bluetooth headset for chat and online meetings, or just to listen to your own music while gaming.

In terms of microphone functionality, the LS50X comes with a dual microphone design with flexible boom mic. This boom mic is removable, too, and supports background noise and echo cancellation, too, which is ideal for when chatting or streaming live.

Wireless range on the headset is an impressive 30ft, while its battery life is rated at up to 20 hours. Charging takes place via a USB-C charging port.

LucidSound LS50X review Hybrid Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth

I can't recommend the LS50X higher.

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LucidSound LS50X review: verdict

Right now, with the next-gen Xbox Series X and Series S launching within about one month, if you were to ask me what gaming headset you should buy for the system I would say the LucidSound LS50X.

It really is that simple.

The LucidSound LS50X is a quality gaming headset that delivers, across the board, a premium usage experience. And that is a usage experience on both the current-gen Xbox One consoles, as well as the next-gen systems, too.

Yes, at the time of writing I have not been able to test the headset out on the Series X or S, as T3 has not been sent review units, but I'll eat my hat if the experience delivered isn't exactly the same. This is an officially licensed headset that is advertised as usable on both Series X and S.

And that's an experience that from build quality and style, through to setup and audio, is truly top tier.

Let's keep this wrap-up short: if you're an Xbox gamer and need a new gaming headset, just go and buy the LucidSound LS50X right now, as it will serve you today as well as for years to come.

More information about the LucidSound LS50X Hybrid Gaming Headset can be found on the maker's official website.

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