LARQ Bottle PureVis review

The self-cleaning LARQ Bottle PureVis makes musty-tasting water a thing of the past. Here's our review

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LARQ Bottle PureVis water bottle
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T3 Verdict

The self-cleaning LARQ Bottle PureVis has a rechargeable LED in the lid that harnesses the power of UV-C to destroy 99.99% of germs, bacteria, viruses. It's not cheap, but it eliminates stale-tasting water without the need for replacement filters and makes stinky bottles a thing of the past. Genius!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Self-cleans every two hours

  • +

    Neutralises germs and viruses in 60 seconds

  • +

    Keeps liquids cool / hot

  • +

    Rechargeable via micro USB

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pricier than your average water bottle

  • -

    You need to charge it

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If you pride yourself in drinking water on-the-go from sustainable, reusable water bottles, but you hate the whiffy pongs and musty-tasting water that can come with them after regular use, you'll love the LARQ Bottle PureVis. Sustainability matters to me big time, and I can get really worked up at the thought of plastic bottles going to landfill to sit there for 400 years, so I've been using reusable bottles religiously for well over a decade. But boy, have I gone through a few of them.

Because there always comes a point in a reusable water bottle's life – even if you pick one of the best water bottles around – that no matter how many times you scrub it to within an inch of its life – that it no longer passes the 'sniff test'. And by that, I mean it smells stale, which in turn makes your water smell and taste stale.

So, when I heard about the award-winning LARQ Bottle PureVis – hailed as 'the world's first self-cleaning bottle and water purification system' – I knew I had to put one to the test immediately. Would it help me wave goodbye to bad-smelling water bottles for good? Read on to find out.

LARQ Bottle PureVis review: FEATURES AND TECH

Seeing as this is T3, let's talk tech first. As I've already mentioned, the LARQ Bottle PureVis is self-cleaning, which it achieves with the power of UV-C (that's the power of the sun to any non-scientists among us), via a rechargeable LED in the lid. The magic of UV-C light is known to be a reliable way to purify water in the wild, and it's also a method you'll find in our best water purifier guide, so the science is definitely sound.

In the case of the LARQ Bottle PureVis, the 2800mm UV-C light is harnessed to destroy 99.99 per cent of odour-causing germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful bio-contaminants such as E. coli, for on-the-go water purification without the need for chemicals or expensive replacement filters, the cost of which can really stack up over time. 

LARQ Bottle PureVis water bottle

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Activating the UV-C light requires just the touch of a button: press down on the lid, wait 60 seconds, and enjoy clean-tasting, safe water no matter where you are in the world. The best bit however, in my humble opinion, is the self-cleaning mode, that automatically activates every two hours, so you never have to worry about opening a stinky, smelly bottle when you forget to unpack your gym bag and leave the bottle to fester for a few days - as long as it's charged of course. And speaking of charging, it takes around four to five hours to fully charge up, but a full charge lasts around one month, so it really isn't a problem, even while travelling.

Larq Bottle PureVis review: DESIGN AND USABILITY

The LARQ Bottle PureVis is sleek, modern, and oh-so-stylish. Looking at it, you really wouldn't know it features technical wizardry in its lid and, if I'm honest, I struggled to spot the micro USB port initially (doh!).

The flask itself is BPA-free and non-toxic, using double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your water hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. Available to buy in two sizes – I'm reviewing the larger 740ml version here, but it also comes in a smaller, cheaper 500ml version – you can choose from a wide range of two-toned, powder-coated colours that provide great grip and never feel slippery or sweaty in your hand.

In terms of the actual drinking experience, I really appreciate the comfortable mouth on this bottle, which is a couple of millimetres thick and gently rounded, unlike some bottles that can have sharper edges. The mouth isn't too big either, so you never need to fear you'll take a sip and tip the entire contents in your face or down your front.

LARQ Bottle PureVis water bottle

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Larq Bottle PureVis review: ALTERNATIVES TO CONSIDER

If you like the sound of the LARQ Bottle PureVis' self-cleaning technology but want a bottle more suited to gym workouts and the great outdoors, check out the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis, which comes in bigger sizes to hold more water (710ml and 950ml) and is made from ultra-light, non-insulated stainless steel for easy carrying. 

For a truly smart water bottle, take a look at Lucy Smart Cap from Waterdrop (read about our experience here). This which also uses UV-C light to purify water, and works in conjunction with the Waterdrop Hydration app to track your drinking progress and provide regular reminders to drink more. However, you do need to buy your actual bottle separately.

None of those take your fancy? You'll find plenty of sportier models in T3's best gym water bottle roundup, or wilderness-friendly options in this ranking of the best water bottles for hiking.

Larq Bottle PureVis review: VERDICT

I've been using my LARQ Bottle PureVis for at least six months, and I have to say it's made doing the ‘sniff test' a thing of the past. So long as you charge it once a month, you get fresh-tasting, cool water to drink and enjoy every damn time you take a glug, and you can be confident that it's free from any germs or nasties.

Yes, it's more expensive than your regular reusable water bottles, but if clean, fresh drinking water matters to you, you'll save a small fortune on purification filters over time that will more than help to cover the cost of this pricier model.  

Most importantly, you can drink your water from this stylish, functional bottle with total confidence, wherever you are, so you can really step up your hydration game. I won't use anything else, now.

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