EPOS H6Pro Open review: a quality mid-range gaming headset

The EPOS H6Pro Open works well – and with just about anything

EPOS H6Pro Open
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T3 Verdict

The EPOS H6Pro Open is an impressive gaming headset for the price. It comes with a few caveats to think about, and there's no wireless option here, but we don't think that you're going to be disappointed with the audio that it pumps out from any of your devices.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Really great sound for the price

  • +

    Works with a lot of devices

  • +

    Solid build quality

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No wireless option

  • -

    No software tweaking

  • -

    Looks a bit weird without the mic

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The EPOS H6Pro Open gaming headset is a mid-range challenger for our best gaming headsets list – and as it uses a wired connection, it works with pretty much any device that does gaming (it very much qualifies for the best PC gaming headsets, for example).

Our detailed EPOS H6Pro Open review will give you all you need to know when it comes to deciding whether or not this is the gaming headset upgrade for you. We've tested it on a variety of different devices and in several different scenarios before writing up our expert verdict. 

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EPOS H6Pro Open: price & availability

The EPOS H6Pro Open headset is out now and it's going to set you back around £150/$180 at the time of writing this review. The widget embedded above on this page should lead you straight to the lowest prices you can currently find, and if you're in the UK you can pick up the EPOS H6Pro Open from retailers including Amazon and Currys directly.

EPOS H6Pro Open review: design & setup

EPOS H6Pro Open

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You can pick up the EPOS H6Pro in both Open and Closed designs: it's the former we're reviewing here, which means more sounds from your surroundings can be heard, and more sounds from the headphones leak out in return. That's a big choice to make in which set you wish to buy – and you'll want to consider those around you if going for the Open set.

In terms of aesthetics the headphones are fairly functional, but they're by no means ugly – you can tell that plenty of care and attention has gone into the design. We're pleased that the mic is detachable – even if it does leave a rather odd-looking connector visible when it's not connected. The headset weighs in at a respectable 309g, so there's no chance of it feeling like a burden on your head.

There are three colours to pick from too: green with gold accents; white; and the black shade that our review unit is sporting (it's actually more like dark blue and black, but it's pretty smart overall).

Connections are made via a simple 3.5mm audio cable, and there's one in the box – so you can hook this up to anything with a headphone jack (or a headphone jack adapter), from phones to consoles. There's no wireless connection option, Bluetooth or otherwise, which means you have less flexibility in terms of movement but you don't have to worry about battery life.

The build quality is hard to fault, from the cushioned ear pads to the adjustable head strap that's nicely padded. We do like the volume adjustment dial on the right-hand earcup – it's larger than it is on most similar headsets, but that makes it very easy to find and turn. There's also a nice level of flexibility when it comes to the earcups and their connection to the headband too, so a comfy fit should be possible for all head shapes.

EPOS H6Pro Open review: features & performance

EPOS H6Pro Open

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Take a glance at the specs list for the EPOS H6Pro Open, and you'll see mentions of 42mm drivers, and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. You don't have to spend long looking to find headphones with larger drivers inside them, but the EPOS H6Pro Open does a more than respectable job at producing an immersive soundscape, one where small details are well rendered and louder noises retain their detail and sharpness.

In short, you get mostly excellent audio for the price. We tried the headset with as many different audio types as we could think of, covering games, movies, audiobooks, and music. Sound comes across as textured and richly toned, whatever the tone or pitch. We did find that the maximum volume on some devices seemed to be relatively low, but that's probably better for your ear health anyway.

We didn't have any complaints in terms of fit and comfort, though the earpads do perhaps grip a little bit more tightly than we would ideally like. It's not a major issue though, and you'll have no problem wearing these for extended listening sessions – the tighter fit does at least ensure that the headset isn't going to slide off as you bop your head to the beat or suddenly lean back in annoyance at another failed mission.

We found the performance on the mic to be perfectly acceptable as well, with audio on gaming chats and video calls coming through loud and clear (albeit with a bit of background noise too). What you don't get with the EPOS H6Pro Open headset is any kind of audio tweaking software package to tailor the sound to your own tastes – it's something that other headsets offer, but most people will be able to live quite happily without it.

EPOS H6Pro Open review: verdict

EPOS H6Pro Open

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It's not difficult to see what the main strengths of the EPOS H6Pro Open are: it's really easy to use and it works with any device with a headphone jack. The sounds that reached our ears while we were using it were consistently well-balanced and detailed, although as always it does depend somewhat on your audio source when it comes to how impressive the output is going to be.

The price versus audio quality trade-off is just about right, and we think that when you clamp the headphones over your ears and start listening to something, you'll consider your money well spent. Bass response is particularly good, and actually might be a bit much for some people – if you want to tweak it, you'll need to use a third-party app, because the EPOS H6Pro Open doesn't come with customisation options of its own.

While the sound quality is undeniably good, at the same time you wouldn't mistake this for one of the most advanced or premium headsets on the market. If you're looking for more customisation controls, extra features such as surround sound support, and the very best audio fidelity that money can buy, then you're probably going to want to do your shopping at a higher price level.

Also consider

It's a good time to be buying a gaming headset, and there are lots of impressive models to pick from right now. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X Wireless is a great alternative to the EPOS H6Pro Open if you don't want to be tied down by cables, and it impressed us with its audio performance right across the spectrum and its support for 360-degree spatial audio.

Then there's the Logitech G535 Lightspeed, which is also worthy of your consideration. It'll cost you significantly less than the EPOS H6Pro Open, and yet still provides audio that impresses across the board. The Logitech G535 Lightspeed is wireless, so you have the full freedom to move about – you just need to remember to recharge the headset every so often. 

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