Dyson DC39 review

The Dyson DC39 is the first cylinder cleaner to include the brand's Ball technology

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Reasons to buy
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    Smooth steering

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    Slick design

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    Excellent cleaning power

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    Quite heavy

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The Dyson DC39 is one of several new models from the British brand and is the first cylinder cleaner to feature Dyson Ball technology

The Dyson DC39 is the first of the maker's cylinder Dyson vacuum cleaners to sport its distinctive Ball technology, designed for easy manoeuvring around tight corners and we were one of the first to get our hands on this new piece of household gadgetry.

The new range also includes the smaller Dyson DC38 (£299.99), along with a Multifloor version of the DC39 priced at £299.99 and two upright cleaners - the Dyson DC40 (£349.99) and the DC41 (389.99). We took the DC39 Animal version (£339.99) for a spin.

Dyson DC39: Design

The Dyson DC39 sports the familiar Dyson styling comprising a clear, plastic dust container and a purple grooved chassis along with the telltale ball. Not only does the ball replace conventional wheels for smoother steering, it also houses much of the cleaner's technological innards.

The sleek design means that there are no fiddly bits of plastic sticking out, as is the case with many rival cleaners, so the cleaner is less likely to get caught on furniture.

Dyson DC39: Features

The key piece of technical wizardry on the Dyson DC39 is the brand's Ball technology, making its way onto cylinder cleaners for the first time. The idea here is that the cleaner should be easier to manoeuvre than if it was on conventional wheels.

The ball structure is also home to the on-board circuitry, giving the cleaner a lower centre of gravity and extra stability. The DC39 also benefits from a new central steering system, that offers an smooth articulating movement.

The Dyson DC39 uses the brand's Radial Root Cycline Technology - a fancy way of describing a bagless cleaning system that's designed to to ensure that even microscopic particles of dirt are spun out of the airflow and captured in the container.

A washable filter can easily be removed from the unit and washed under the tap, and it's been designed so that it can be wrung out easily for swift drying.

Dyson DC39: Performance

Using a cylinder cleaner can be about as easy as steering a ropey shopping trolley through a crowded supermarket, but Dyson Ball technology, along with the new steering mechanism combine to make the process much less painful.

We were able to weave in and out of furniture without getting the cleaner stuck on any obstacles and without any danger of the cleaner toppling over, despite the fact that it's quite a weighty beast.

The wind-up power cable can be retracted at the touch of a button, while the dust container can be removed just as easily by pressing the release button. Another tap of the button opens up the bottom of the container to release the grime directly into the bin, so there's no need to mess about with changing cleaner bags.

The cleaning power of the Dyson DC39 was also particulalry strong, offering visibly better cleaning power than our current cleaner. We also liked the handle-mounted trigger that changes the air pressure to turn the floor brush on and off, for moving easily between carpet and hard floors. On most conventional cleaners, this is done by changing the setting on the brush bar by hand or using foot pedals, which inevitably result in a cumbersome design.

Dyson DC39: Verdict

The Dyson DC39 is simply the best cylinder cleaner that we've seen so far. The smooth steering, easy emptying and trigger-based brush bar control make it child's play to use, while the cleaning power is also excellent. It's quite heavy, so it could be a bit of a struggle for cleaning the stairs, but that's really our only gripe.

That and the price - £339.99 is a lot of money for a vacuum cleaner, but if you've got the cash to spare, you're unlikely to be disappointed. Floorcare products aren't tradionally the most fun gadgets around, but as vacuum cleaners go, this one is pretty impressive. And anything that makes the housework less tedious definitely gets Brownie points from us.

Dyson DC39 availability: Available at dyson.co.uk

Dyson DC39 price: £339.99