Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: premium suitcase for travelling creatives

Protect your gear in style with the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review
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The Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage is the best suitcase for travelling professionals. It's well-made, highly functional and made from mostly recycled materials. It's a bit heavy, and the sturdiness of the bag might be OTT for some travellers; however, photographers and videographers should consider it as their next small travel case.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sturdy aluminium frame

  • +

    Subtle yet instantly recognisable design

  • +

    Hook-up system allows for other Db bags to be attached to suitcase

  • +

    “Ultra-silent” 360 Hinomoto wheels allow for precise manoeuvrability

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavier than similarly-sized suitcases

  • -

    Not the most voluminous case, either

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I'm a big fan of Db’s high-quality bags, so I was quite excited to try the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage, part of the Ramverk Pro range. The 2022 Red Dot Design winner cases have a solid aluminium frame and a polycarbonate shell, providing an excellent protection-to-weight ratio. Indeed, the suitcase feels sturdy and well put together, exactly what travelling creatives who carry around expensive gear need.

Although it’s not as heavy as suitcases back in the day, the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage weighs more than similarly sized suitcases – it’s more than twice as heavy as the Samsonite Cosmolite, our number one choice of best carry-on luggage, despite having similar dimensions. That said, and thanks to the 360 Hinomoto wheels and the custom-made telescopic handle, the suitcase is a breeze to manoeuvre, no matter the surface. Should you buy one? Read my Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review below to find out.

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: price and availability

The Db Ramverk Pro Luggage Series was launched in 2022 and almost instantly sold out. Db periodically restocks their bags, so it's worth keeping an eye on the Db website. At the time of writing, Db said the Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage would be available on the Db website for pre-order from Monday, 3 July, and available for wider sale from Thursday, 6 July. You can check availability at Db UK and Db US. Prices from £549/ $649 (approx. AU$ 1,049).

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: specifications

  • Model: Spinner (4 wheels)
  • Material: Aluminium (frame), 100% recycled polyester (fabrics), 70% recycled polycarbonate (shell)
  • Lock: TSA numerical locks
  • Expandable: No
  • Dimensions: 550 X 395 X 230 mm
  • Volume: 36L
  • Weight: 4.5kg/ 9.9 lb

Db launches new Ramverk Pro Luggage collection

(Image credit: Db)

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: design and build quality

All models in the Ramverk Pro Luggage Collection have a protective aluminium frame acting as an 'unbreakable backbone' to protect your camera gear and can withstand drops of up to 7 metres (23 feet). It's also easy to manoeuvre the bags around queues of people at the airport thanks to the 'ultra silent' Hinomoto 360 wheels and trolley handles that raise to the same height, no matter how tall the suitcase is.

The Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage has two TSA-approved numerical locks located on the side of the suitcase. There are two daisy chains at the front of the case, to which you can attach other Db bags or anything else you might desire. Inside the bag, you'll find plenty of organisational pockets, including a Velcro strap-secured laptop sleeve, two mesh pockets, and two large zipped compartments.

Db launches new Ramverk Pro Luggage collection

(Image credit: Db)

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: ergonimics and performance

As expected from a Db product, the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage feels premium and durable through and through. The case has a good heft to it, too – some might say it's a bit heavy. However, you must understand that the target market for this carry-on case is travelling professionals, and the emphasis is on gear protection, not lightness.

That said, if you like stuffing your carry-on luggage with heavy items, you might struggle to keep the overall travel weight of the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage under the limit. I prefer travelling light, only carrying the essentials, so I had no issue with the suitcase.

Being a massive fan of the Db Ramverk Pro Backpack, I appreciated the hook-up system, which allows you to attach other Db bags to the suitcase. If you ever had to wait at airports, carrying your backpack and fiddling with your luggage, you know that a modular approach like this can mean the difference between a pleasant journey and a terrible ordeal. 

Speaking of modularity: the Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage is fully compatible with Db's camera inserts, so you can be 100% sure your camera will arrive in the same condition at your destination as when you left the ground. I only used the small camera insert – again, travel light representative here – and had plenty of space left in the bag to store shoes, clothing, toiletries, etc. 

Finally, I must share my favourite Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage feature: its stability. Thanks to the solid aluminium frame and the four sturdy wheels, the case stays upright unless you fully open the two sides. This means you can access the laptop compartment and the two mesh pockets without laying down the suitcase, a big bonus when you're in a public space such as an airport terminal.

Db launches new Ramverk Pro Luggage collection

(Image credit: Db)

Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage review: verdict

The Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage is very close to being the best carry-on suitcase, and it's definitely the best portable case for travelling professionals. It's not just extremely well-made but also highly functional and made from mostly recycled materials to a standard that ensures you won't have to buy another case for years to come, which, admittedly, is the most environmentally friendly thing to do.

 All that said, unless you need a premium carry-on case to protect your expensive camera gear, the Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage might be overkill, both in terms of protection and weight – casual travellers are better off buying a lighter Samsonite bag. Unless they want a sleep, minimalist travel case, in which case the Db Ramverk Pro Carry-on Luggage should be right at the top of their potential suitcase options list.

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