Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: sustainable, sturdy & cushioning

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat from Complete Unity Yoga is grippy, non-slippy and eco-friendly. Here's our full review...

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review
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T3 Verdict

If you’re looking for a yoga mat that’s made of sustainable materials and has incredible grip and comfortable cushioning, the Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is the one for you. While it’s a little heavy to carry around, it’s a brilliant mat that helps you conquer yoga sessions and intense workouts.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sturdy, cushioning & comfortable for workouts & yoga sessions

  • +

    Great grip & pattern

  • +

    Made from sustainable materials

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavy to carry around

  • -

    Not the best choice for sweaty sessions

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In T3’s Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review, I put this sustainable non-slip yoga mat to the test to see if it deserved a place amongst the best yoga mats… and it did a pretty good job.

At the start of the year, I decided to make a New Year’s resolution to get into yoga in 2023, from trying in-person yoga classes to following YouTube tutorials at home. As a beginner yogi, I knew I wanted to kick off my yoga journey with a mat that will support my sessions and help me during intense home workouts, so I was excited to give the Complete Unity Yoga Sustainable Non-Slip CompleteGrip Yoga Mat a try.

Complete Unity Yoga was founded in 2015 by yoga teachers who wanted to create yoga equipment that’s not only perfect for yoga and workout sessions, but are made from eco-friendly sustainable materials. All their yoga products, including mats, bags and essential yoga sets are high quality, stylish and designed to be travelled with… and the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is no exception.

I gave the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat from Complete Unity Yoga a thorough testing and here’s what I found…

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Design

Before I get into the design, I want to briefly touch on the unboxing of the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat. The mat comes tightly wrapped in a cardboard box and once you open it, it has a strong smell which is noted by Complete Unity Yoga as the fragrance of natural rubber. It’s not an unpleasant or overpowering smell but it calms down a lot once you start using it.

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is made from eco-friendly and sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and jute fibres. The mat is made using a zero-waste manufacturing process and it’s plastic-free, PU-free, BPA-free, TPE-free, PVC-free, microfibre-free and is vegan friendly – wow, that’s a lot!

Thanks to 4mm cushioning, the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat feels and looks thick and sturdy and has a slight rough texture. This definitely isn’t something to worry about and it’s not uncomfortable under your feet or palms but it’s not going to be super smooth, like the Lululemon Reversible Mat. One thing that I was surprised about was how heavy the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is. It’s definitely heavier than other yoga mats I’ve tried and while you can definitely carry it around with you, it’s a lot weightier than you might initially think.

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat comes in multiple colours, including forest green, eco natural, midnight blue and a limited edition autumn plum. All are the same price which I’ll get on to later in the review.

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Usability & Grip

Alongside its sustainability, the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat credits itself as having incredible grip and non-slip. I definitely found this to be true: the mat features grooves and patterned grips which feels nice under your hands and feet, and helps you stay stable and not move around too much in and out of your poses. I mainly tried the mat on carpet and it didn’t budge at all while I was using it, so big points there.

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is said to be suitable for all types of yoga, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram and Hot. I would maybe avoid using it for hot yoga, as I used the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat during an intense HIIT cardio session and it got a little wet towards the end of the workout under my feet. However, it can definitely handle a good amount of sweat and moisture but if you’re sweating a lot, you might get a teeny bit slippy.

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is 61 cm wide x 19 cm long which I found to be a little narrow. I’m 5”3 and I felt that it was quite thin when I placed my hands and feet during certain moves like downwards facing dog. For anyone taller than this, they might find it hard to do a full routine due to how narrow it is, but the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat definitely makes up for this with its length.

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Care

On the Completely Unity Yoga website, it says that the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is simple to clean and easy to keep clean. I can definitely vouch for this and I think that’s mainly because of the materials. Wiping it down after practices is very straightforward and I never saw any marks on it, even after very sweaty sessions. If you want to know more about yoga mat maintenance, T3 has a full guide on how to clean your yoga mat.

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Price

The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is £79 in all colours. This might be a little pricey for some but it’s in the same ballpark as other sustainable yoga mats T3 has tried, like the YogaMatters Eco Flow Yoga Mat. It’s worth keeping in mind that the price tag most likely reflects the eco-friendly manufacturing process and its quality sustainable materials. The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat definitely feels and looks like a mat that will last for a long time so it’s a good investment, especially for those who practice yoga regularly.

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Verdict

The Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is an excellent yoga mat which has strong grip, comfortable cushioning and is made from quality materials. It feels nice on your hands and feet as you move through poses and exercises, plus it’s unlikely to budge on any floor type. The CompleteGrip Yoga Mat looks stylish and modern, and it’s a pretty affordable price for what you’re getting. It might be a little heavy to carry around and it can get wet if you’re sweating a lot, but in general, the pros outweigh the cons!

Complete Unity Yoga CompleteGrip Yoga Mat review: Alternatives to consider

A good alternative to the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat is the Liforme Yoga Mat. This premium yoga mat has great grip and padding, plus it’s made from eco-friendly materials, just like the CompleteGrip Yoga Mat. The Liforme Yoga Mat is more expensive at £114.95 and it comes with a yoga bag for easy travelling.

Another option if you’re looking for grip is the Gaiam Yoga Mat. This is a brilliant budget yoga mat that’s got a modern design and is an excellent value for money. It has a long-lasting grip with a tacky texture, plus it’s available in a range of sizes, colours and thicknesses.

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