YouTube adds play icon to tab when audio is playing

Users will now be able to find which tab is making noise a lot quicker

YouTube has added a play button icon to Internet browser tabs that are active to help users track where audio is coming from quicker

The new feature, spotted by Google System, allows users to track where audio is coming from when multiple YouTube tabs are open within your browser.

A play button icon appears alongside the usual YouTube icon that signifies that the tab is active.

This will help users find the audio faster, for example when multiple tabs are open and videos autoplay when the page is initially opened.

The 'play' symbol will then disappear when videos are paused.

The unicode black triangle character will appear in multiple tabs if all are playing audio and will disappear when the audio is stopped.

The feature has been confirmed to run in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Earlier this year YouTube celebrated its eighth birthday of its first video was uploaded on April 23rd 2005.

From tomorrow, YouTube will be running 'Geek Week' which will focus on more than 100 YouTube channels dedicated to the "geek culture".

The event will run until 10th August and will put the spotlight on all-new videos and series.

YouTube also recently rolled-out the new look 'One Channel' layout to all YouTube channels introducing a more streamlined design.

Source: Google System

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