Your next car might be bought from... Amazon

Hyundai will start selling cars through the online retailer in 2024

Amazon Hyundai partnership
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon recently entered into a partnership with Hyundai that will result in some interesting developments.

First, future Hyundai cars will come with Alexa built-in. But perhaps more interesting is that the manufacturer will start to sell its vehicles – including EVs, presumably – on Amazon's US retail site.

That's right, you will be able to pop a loaf of bread, new book, a packet of batteries, and a Hyundai SUV into your checkout basket from 2024.

Even more exciting is that Amazon hints the Korean car maker is only the first to sign up, we could see more auto dealers put their wares up for purchase on Amazon in the near future.

According to the retailer, customers will be able to use the normal Amazon functionality and search for vehicles available in their area. Different preferences will be available to browse through, including model, trim, colour and features.

Financing options will be available too, "all within the Amazon experience they already know and trust".

Built-in Alexa will take a little longer to become available, as Hyundai revealed that it will start to appear in its vehicles from 2025.

When it does though, it will give drivers access to full voice control without the need for a smartphone app. They will be able to simply command Alexa to play music, podcasts or audiobooks, set reminders, check calendars, or just get a quick weather report.

And, as the voice assistant will work as it does on Echo speakers at home, Hyundai car owners will be able to control their smart home devices remotely – such as set the ideal temperature before returning.

Amazon even claims that some in-car Alexa features will work without an internet connection.

"We're excited to be working with Hyundai," said Amazon exec, Marty Mallick.

"Together, we will provide customers with more of the buying experiences they want – and support dealers with an efficient and effective selling platform."

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