You can watch Prime Video's Fallout in style with the official eye-saving glasses

Fallout Vault 33 glasses
(Image credit: Gunnar Optiks)
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Gunnar Optiks has partnered with Amazon Studios for a special edition pair of its gaming glasses based on the forthcoming Fallout TV series.

The Fallout Vault 33 glasses cost $99, are available to pre-order now and can be worn to reduce digital eye strain while gaming, using a computer or watching the show on TV.

One of Amazon's most eagerly-anticipated sci-fi TV shows will hit Prime Video on 12 April 2024 and a new trailer suggests it's been well worth the wait.

Fallout looks great from what we can see from the 3-minute package – a superb cross between the game series on which it's based and something altogether fresh and new.

We also got some great news when the trailer hit – all eight episodes of season 1 will be available to stream from day one. That means you can binge the entire series in one go, if your eyes can stand the strain.

Thankfully, Gunnar Optiks has something that'll help, and let you celebrate the debut of the classic franchise on streaming services. The specialist gamer glasses manufacturer has partnered with Amazon Studios for a special edition Fallout Vault 33 pair of specs.

Designed to block out harmful blue light and 100% of UV, the glasses can some tinted yellow, blue or clear and can be fitted with prescription lenses. They are designed to greatly reduce eye strain when playing games on TV or monitor, and they can be worn when watching TV – such as Fallout on Prime Video – for a more comfortable viewing experience, too.

Fallout Vault 33 glasses

(Image credit: Gunnar Optiks)

Named after the vault Ella Purnell's Lucy emerges from in the show, the Fallout Vault 33 pair differ from Gunnar Optiks' usual lineup thanks to their retro futuristic square design.

They are made from steel with nylon fronts, and there is olive metal on the temples. The sides are elongated and shielded to prevent light noise coming in left and right, while the lenses are coated by G-Shield Plus anti-reflective, smudge resistant technology.

Each pair comes with a collectors case, microfibre pouch, cleaning cloth and 12-months warranty.

They are available to pre-order on now and will ship from 3 April, so you should have them in time to enjoy the Fallout TV series when it starts a week later. They are priced at $99.

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