Preorder the Samsung Galaxy S23 and $100 in Samsung Credits

Samsung's own site has revealed what is on the way at their Galaxy Unpacked event

samsung galaxy reserve program
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For those unaware, Samsung's upcoming reveal event – Galaxy Unpacked 2023 – is rumored to be just around the corner. And if it's anything like last years, we're going to get a bevvy of information on the latest Galaxy devices - specifically the new Samsung Galaxy S23 and the new Samsung Galaxy Book laptop.

Thanks to Samsung's own site, we now know that two specific Galaxy devices are set to be revealed. How you might ask? Well, a reservation page is now open to place your orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone, as well as the new Samsung Galaxy Book, before they've even been revealed.

Reserve the new Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy Book here

Samsung is no stranger to dropping reservations before their tech is even shown off. They did this last year with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, among a few other releases. However, what you may not know is that they offer exclusive benefits and deals for reserving the new tech before you get your eyes on it.

Reserving either the new Samsung Galaxy S23 or the new Samsung Galaxy Book individually will net you $50 Samsung Credits, but if you're bold enough and can't wait to get your hands on both, you'll net yourself $100 Samsung Credits altogether. 

So if you've been keeping an eye on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, this is your chance to reserve a preorder and get it as soon as possible – plus earn some Samsung Credits in the process.

These credits, which can be spent on accessories and upgrades for the new Galaxy devices, are mighty enticing if you're a fan of the Galaxy line of smart devices. And if last year's reservation event is anything to go off of, you may also earn additional bonus credits or gifts when you preorder the Samsung Galaxy S23 or Samsung Galaxy Book as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus could be the last of its kind

Topping many best Android phone and best smartphone list on the net, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is by far one of the best phones on the market today. With rumors running that the next iteration in Samsung's line of smart tech bringing some big changes, the new S23 models should be quick to overtake it's predecessor on these lists.

A more sleek and rounded design is rumored to start, as well as an upgrade to the CPU installed as well. That means improved performance over the S22 and a much more appealing feel and design to the S23. There's also supposedly a big boost to the camera, with possibly a jump up from a 10MP camera to a 12MP camera being talked about.

All of which sounds great, but until we actually see the new Samsung Galaxy S23 or the new Samsung Galaxy Book in action, we just can't confirm what the new tech will release with.

However, thanks to Samsung's reserve program you won't have to wait long to get your hands on one after the reveal. The reservation program guarantees a chance to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S23, as well as the new Galaxy Book, as soon as preorders become available.

So not only can you reserve your slot to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S23, you'll also get up to $100 Samsung Credits in the process. That's not a bad deal at all.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra set for massive audio upgrade

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