You can now buy James Bond's boots from No Time to Die

Quantum of Shoelace? These boots are No Time to Die for…

James Bond Danner boots
(Image credit: Danner)

James Bond is back for No Time to Die and when the world’s favourite secret agent required high-performance military boots for his latest mission – there was only one brand good enough for him – Danner. 

Danner created a highly anticipated '007 Tanicus' – an all-black version of the legendary Tanicus boot. It's now available for mere-mortals for the first time.

Danner actually has a rich history providing lightweight tactical footwear for the armed forces, so you know Bond's new boots are mission ready.

They're built from the same rough-out leather and rugged nylon that Danner uses for its military boots,

It features an added layer of cushioning in the midsole and a dampening heel cup, with a polyurethane footbed to ensure that comfortability won't break down over time. 

The breathable, moisture-wicking mesh liner keeps you cool in hot climates and the outsole's pentagonal lug pattern gives you stability in diverse terrain.

James Bond Danner boots

(Image credit: Danner)

The boots are 100-percent waterproof, with a barrier that allows moisture to escape without letting water in, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

That also features a 'Lace Garage', which prevents loose laces from snagging or dragging. This is found at the top of the boot's tongue, and is essentially a fabric pocket designed to tuck your lace ends into.

To celebrate the James Bond special-edition collector’s boot, the 007 Tanicus comes packaged in a custom all-black Danner box with the No Time To Die logo.

To accommodate more people, Danner made this boot in extended sizes, and are recommending women select 1.5 to 2 full sizes down for correct fit.

If you suspect your purchase isn’t up to James Bond's unrelenting standards or is defective in any way, Danner offers a 365-day warranty.

The boots are available to buy now from Danner's website and are priced at £170.

If you missed the limited edition model, then you can buy the standard version for £150.

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